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Beehive announces fiber internet options for Morgan County


Morgan residents know how amazing it is to live in this beautiful county, away from all the hustle and bustle. There are a few things, however, locals have had to sacrifice as a part of being such a rural community. High speed internet, or the lack thereof, is a regular topic of conversation among residents and government leaders. It has been a particular problem for many who run home-based businesses. This has also become an ever-present issue for many of the larger businesses in the area. But that is all about to change. Beehive Broadband General Manager Scott Wilson recently announced that his company will be expanding their fiber optic network into Morgan County, providing residents of Mountain Green and Morgan City with internet, digital voice and IPTV services. Wilson explained that DSL, satellite, cable and wireless internet are comparable to a two-lane highway. These services provide a connection shared between multiple users that is limited in the amount of information they can pass across the network. In contrast, fiber internet is similar to I-15, a wide-open network allowing an unlimited amount of information to pass across the network. This results in more bandwidth, increased speeds and better quality. Wilson understands the frustration associated with lack of options for high-speed internet and wanted to get involved. Beehive Broadband has a long-standing commitment to serving the underserved, explained Wilson. When we were approached by Mayor Egbert with the opportunity to provide the communities of Morgan City and Mountain Green with our services, we knew the project would be in perfect alignment with our company goals and values. With fiber internet you can upload pictures and video in a flash and download music and files nearly instantaneously. Streaming video and online gaming will experience little to no buffering or lag time. All this with no data caps. This service will offer speeds from 20Mbps-1Gbps in residential areas, and up to 10Gbps for businesses. Packages will be offered featuring internet, Beehive Broadband’s own BEEtv (comparable to Comcast, DISH and DIRECTV) and phone. They will also provide various hosting services for homes and businesses. Beehive Broadband is the sister company of Beehive Telephone Company, founded by Art Brothers in 1963 in order to provide service to the rural community of Grouse Creek, Utah. What started as a small rural telephone company has grown to a group of companies serving thousands of customers across Utah and Nevada. What really sets us apart from other Internet service providers is the fact that we are completely vertically integrated on all of our products, stated Wilson. We do not simply resell services like a TV feed that is imported from out-of-state. We have built, own and control 100 percent of our network operations center and television head end. We may be a small company, but we are able to offer what many larger companies cannot. Wilson notes that in some areas, upgrading the current system will be necessary and new fiber will need to be installed. However, he is confident that they will be able to make the most of what is already established in order to keep customer costs as low as possible. He estimates that they will be turning up services by July 1. For additional information visit the Beehive Broadband website at www.BeehiveBroadband.com or contact Scott Wilson at 800.615.8021.

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