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Inspirations contest inspires incredible art


The students of Morgan Elementary School recently competed in the annual Inspirations contest. Pupils from kindergarten through fifth grade were eligible to participate in the art competition. The theme, Dream, Believe, Inspire allowed students to explore what they believe and use creative artistic ways to express their feelings. This year brought a large number of entries and the elementary PTSO noted they were of exceptional quality. Everything was on a broader spectrum, PTSO President Courtney Gualco said. The contest had several changes including moving the competition time from Christmas break to spring break. Also in the past the school held an assembly to recognize the winners of the artistic contest. This year it was decided to give certificates to the winners at school. However, instead of an assembly, the students’ artwork became part of the big art show that evening. This allowed greater opportunity for friends and family to view the winning artwork. Congratulations to these artistic students: First grade literature: 1st place, Courtney Ellis; 2nd place, Belle Mecham; 3rd place, Esplan McClellan. Second grade literature: 1st place Londyn Elmer. Third grade literature: 1st place, Addison Turner; 2nd place, Sara Heywood; 3rd place, Olivia Reese. Kindergarten photography: 1st place, Boston Moser. First grade photography: 1st place, Chevelle Dickson; 2nd place, Sariah Johansen; 3rd place Ryker Moser. Second grade photography: 1st place, Londyn Elmer. Third grade: 1st place, Lauren Moser. Fourth grade photography: 1st place, Lydeah Johnson; 2nd place, Jaren Johansen. Fifth grade photography: 1st place, Sydni Giles; 2nd place, Emily Gualco. Firstr grade music: 1st place, Belle Mecham. Fourth grade music: 1st place, Jaren Johansen. Kindergarten 3D art: 1st place, Courtney Mecham; 2nd place, Grace Mecham. First grade 3D art: 1st place, Willa Anderton; 2nd place, Courtney Ellis. Second grade 3D art: 1st place, Damian Curfew; 2nd place, Tara Robinson; 3rd place, Londyn Elmer. Fourth grade 3D art: 1st place, Raegan Hales; 2nd place, Everett Gilson; 3rd place, Maryn Thakary. Fifth grade 3D art: 1st place, Zoe Fife; 2nd place, Cambria Farr; 3rd place, Khaiyla Comer. First grade 2D art: 1st place, Lincoln Gilson; 2nd place, Kaitlyn Carter; 3rd place, Jorrie LaJeunesse. Second grade 2D art: 1st place, Ethan Hoffman; 2nd place, Londyn Elmer; 3rd place, Jackson Sommers. Third grade 2D art: 1st place, Landri LaJeunesse; 2nd place, Madeline Nelson; 3rd place, Lauren Moser. Fourth grade 2D art: 1st place, Jaren Johansen; 2nd place, Deura Smith. Fifth grade 2D art: 1st place, Abby Hone; 2nd place, Joshua Heywood; 3rd place, Cambria Farr.

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