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School Spotlight – Gaylene Adams


Gaylene Adams was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is the daughter of a mother who was primarily a homemaker and a father who was a transportation supervisor at Hill Air Force Base as well as a farmer. Gaylene is number three in a family of four children. She spent her childhood living in Morgan County, first in Peterson and then on a farm in Porterville. Throughout her childhood, Gaylene’s parents inspired an appreciation of hard work that continues to be evident in her work ethic to this day. One of Gaylene’s first school memories is riding the school bus to kindergarten. At the time, kindergarten was a six-week program held in the summer before first grade as opposed to a full-year program as it is now. She remembers riding the bus for what seemed like forever as it made stops to pick up all of the students. Gaylene has fond memories of her elementary teachers who fueled her desire to learn. In particular, her third grade teacher, Mrs. Wiscombe, had a special impact. Later, as a student at Morgan High, Gaylene served as a student body officer during her senior year and appreciated the level of involvement by her peers. She remembers that most students belonged to a variety of organizations that supported one another. Gaylene graduated from Utah State University after receiving a four-year full tuition scholarship that helped her to become a teacher. She graduated with dual major, earning degrees in both elementary education and early childhood education. At the same time she minored in both English and German. Soon after high school graduation, Gaylene began to date Les Adams. Les was a student at Weber State as Gaylene attended Utah State. Gaylene and Les were eventually married and are the proud parents of five children, and the grandparents of 13 grandchildren with number 14 due to arrive soon. Les is currently the storeroom supervisor at Holcim and a dedicated volunteer at Morgan Elementary. In her spare time Gaylene enjoys traveling, reading and watching classic movies. She is especially fond of the dream trip she was able to share with her daughter last summer in Europe. As a teacher, Gaylene has almost 30 years of classroom experience. She has taught several different grade levels in both Morgan and North Summit School Districts. She has continued her learning by earning state endorsements in both reading and math. She also owned and operated her own preschool for several years. As a Master Teacher with significant knowledge in both curriculum and instruction, Gaylene seeks that aha moment with the students in her class. That is the moment where the light comes on and for the first time, the student understands a concept they have struggled with. Moving forward, Gaylene continues to teach and provide the experience needed to make a difference in the lives of children. We are deeply honored that she chooses to work with the students of our school. We are also truly privileged to have her as a colleague. Like her work with students, her wisdom and expertise make a difference in the lives of the teachers and staff of Morgan Elementary.

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