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Honoring Excellence recipients named


Ruth Hill taught English and Literature in the Morgan School District from 1953 to 1965. She started influencing the future of Morgan students in the seventh grade and continued her desire to improve grammar and love for literature until graduation. Her passion for literature was contagious. She had zero tolerance for wasting time and challenged students to develop a love for literary masters. A former student remembers her saying, Life is too short to waste time reading anything that doesn’t force you to think and ponder. Read to improve who you are. Hill was the faculty advisor for the yearbook. She loved this project and took great pride in making sure the end result was something to be proud of. The students on this committee benefited from her example dedication and leadership. Mrs. Hill had only one child, but she took pride in claiming many of her students as her own. She was stern but fair, demanding but understanding, and very proper but a good sport. She will always be remembered for challenging her students to reach for the stars. She was convinced that anyone with goals and a plan to make those goals a reality would be successful. Paul Warner was born and raised in Morgan. He graduated from Morgan High School in 1946. Two of the most important things in Paul Warner’s life are his devotion to Morgan County and his love for education. He served as principal of Morgan Elementary from 1972 to 1986. Warner loved the children at Morgan Elementary and felt it was important to be outside and greet the kids as they got on and off the bus each day. He knew their names and would often join them in a game of four-square at recess. He wanted to be known as a friend as well as an administrator. Because of that he is greeted to this day by many people as Mr. Warner, my elementary school principal. The teachers felt his unwavering support. He wanted both students and teachers to succeed. He ended his career as interim superintendent for the school district during a time when leadership was needed. His influence and love for both community and school are still priorities in his life today. He is a champion of children.

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