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Four deputies, one local help end high-speed chase


Four Morgan County sheriff deputies were involved in a high speed chase Friday, May 9, in speeds that reached up to 110 miles per hour. While a high speed chase on Interstate 84 through Morgan County is not unusual, the fact that four deputies were on duty to handle it was, said Deputy Scott Peay. When two different calls came into dispatch with reports of a speeding white sedan swerving dangerously in traffic while eastbound on I-84, Peay tried to catch up with the vehicle near the rest stop in Weber Canyon. As the vehicle sped past Peay, Deputy Pete Davis was waiting further east at the Peterson exit. With both Peay and Davis in pursuit, the vehicle pulled to the side of the interstate about a mile west of the Morgan exit. Deputies could see four occupants in the vehicle. However, when the deputies started walking up to the car, the driver sped away again. The car passed other vehicles on the right shoulder to take the Morgan exit. Staying on the frontage road, the car entered I-84 again and accelerate to speeds of 110 miles an hour before exiting again at Round Valley. After hitting some loose gravel, the vehicle turned 90 degrees, blocking the roadway. As Peay came upon the scene face-to-face with the driver, he ran on foot onto the Reese ranch. Deputy Rob Taylor pursued the young man on foot, falling and injuring his knew. After being pursued by three different deputies, the young man was finally interceded by a resident on a four-wheeler. Meanwhile, Peay had been holding the three other occupants of the vehicle at gunpoint until Deputy Corey Stark arrived on scene to help secure them. The 15-year-old driver from Ogden was on probation, and worried about being caught for a probation violation, Peay said. Marijuana and a pipe were found in the vehicle and the 15-year-old was booked into Farmington Bay on felony charges, Peay said. The other occupants were all adults. While one was cooperative and not intoxicated, the other two were booked into the local jail on alcohol charges. While Peay has been involved in several high speed chases through the county in his 14 years with the Morgan Sheriff’s Department, he said this was his first where four deputies were on shift to handle the incident. The chase happened around 6:30 p.m. before sundown, when the four deputies’ shifts overlapped shortly before a shift change. It happened at the right time, Peay said.

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