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Locals earn Wood Badge beads


On April 22, 2014, four local residents, all member of the Morgan LDS Stake, received their BSA Wood Badge beads. Wood Badge is Scouting’s premier training course designed by founder Baden-Powell in 1919 for scouters to learn leadership and practical Scouting skills. Jann Farris, Myra Evans, Alisa Hardman and Aimee Ferrin attended the six-day BSA Wood Badge course at Tifie Ranch in June 2013. The six days were split between two weekends, Thursday through Saturday. Upon arrival at Wood badge, each participant is assigned to a patrol signified by a critter. This critter stays with them for life and is a way to link with other members of the same critter type. The Wood Badge course is not over once the student leaves. They must complete six tickets, which is a basically a contract between the participant and their Troop Guide. Tickets had to be approved before leaving the course and the participant and troop guide keep in contact after the course was over to ensure the tickets are completed.

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