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Schools present plans for trust land funds


State school trust land funds are set to be used in various ways through the Morgan County School District. The school board unanimously voted to approve each school’s plan. At Morgan Elementary School, trust land money is being spent on four part-time instructional aides. It is a way to support teachers and help reduce class sizes, said Morgan Elementary Principal Tim Wolff. Funds are also being used to help students performing below grade level and assist teachers in purchasing classroom supplies. At Mountain Green Elementary, trust land funds are being used for reading resources with level readers for kindergarten and first grades, a summer reading program and accelerated reading software. Funds are also being used for teacher professional development. At Morgan Middle School, trust land funds are being pledged for a remediation program, teacher professional development, new library materials, accelerated reader program in-classroom testing, supplies for a student enrichment program and after-school programs. At Morgan High School, trust land money is dedicated for a part-time English teacher, an outside essay evaluator, alternative school opportunities meant to help students make up credits, new science probe equipment and teacher professional development. District schools say professional development funds are necessary to help teachers understand the new common core curriculum.

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