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County Fair quilt auction seeking donations


This year the Morgan County Fair will be held July 28 Ò Aug. 2. Animals are being raised for showing and prizes, new recipes are being tried and tasted, craft projects are starting and, of course, quilting has hopefully begun. As always, quilt donations are welcome and appreciated. The donations each year are always stunning and residents flock to see what beautiful creations have come in. Morgan County fair officials want to thank all the donors in advance for the countless hours they spend on these stunning quilts. Your talent and willingness to share does not go unnoticed. Each year fair volunteers are amazed at the generosity of the county residents in donating quilts as well as those who attend the auction and bid for the prize of taking them home. It is always fun to watch. So check your sewing, quilting and tying time schedules, and let’s make this year another fun year. Quilts can be turned in on July 28 and the auction will be Saturday, Aug. 2 at 1:30 p.m. Kurt Stapley will be our auctioneer once again and we appreciate his time and effort to make the auction fun and exciting. See you at the fair.

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