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Business profile: Mane Attraction


Today’s beautiful moments are tomorrow’s beautiful memories. This is a thought on the wall in the Mane Attraction salon in Morgan. It is much more than a thought to co-owner of the salon, Michelle Peterson. It is the objective: to help create those beautiful moments that will become beautiful memories. Beautiful memories have been created there for generations. As business partners, Michelle Peterson and RaeDell Giles reminisce about changes over the years with the beauty salon located at 200 East 125 North, next to Parkside Lanes. The doors of the salon opened in November of 1964, as Parkside Hair Styling Salon with former owners Mr. and Mrs. Roland Bingham, and Lyle and Shirley Tucker. In 1991, Giles and Peterson bought the salon and changed the name to Mane Attraction. Giles remembered that many of her relatives had the distinction of being a barber or hairdresser, never questioning their profession. Through the years, many Morgan residents worked at the salon. Some worked at the salon while saving up for college or needed extra income. Some have stayed a while and a few left and returned, but always there were friendly familiar faces to greet you. Currently there is Michelle Peterson, RaeDell Giles, Gaylene Haws, Deb Evans, and Diane Giles. Though the nice quiet atmosphere can make you feel comfortable and at ease, this is serious business at Mane Attraction. Their clients are priority, with a motto You have appointments, the hairdresser is there. Because the hairdresser knows the personal needs of the client, she sets her appointments for her clients. Each hairdresser has certain scheduled workdays. We work around the needs of each hairdresser, explained RaeDell. For instance, if one of the hairdressers is unable to work due to sickness or injury, the other hairdressers will step into help take care of the client’s needs. Remembering when she had young children, RaeDell said, I was able to work around my children’s schedule and needs. I never had to work more than three days a week. Keeping things current, they renew their business license every year, and cosmetology licenses every other year. When necessary they attend continuing education to learn new styles and techniques. They have always done perm and haircuts. Now instead of frosting the hair they are weaving, using other color techinques and applications. They also offer facial waxing. The salon is open six days a week, Monday-Saturday. Hours vary each day, though usually morning through evening appointments are available.

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