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Shopping local helps light up 4th of July celebrations


Every year hundreds of thousands of Americans celebrate Independence Day with a big bang of fireworks. You can find stands on just about every street corner during the holiday, but where you choose to buy your sparklers and fountains makes a difference to one local family. Morgan’s neighborhood firework stand is sponsored by Acme Discount Fireworks, but run by Morgan residents Jaime and Gina Grandpre. Shopping local helps unite our community. Knowing that you are supporting your neighbors and friends, gives us all a sense of pride in where we live, commented Gina. In support of shopping local, the family decided to change locations this year. Instead of being housed in the parking lot of Ridley’s, the firework stand will be located in the lot next to Front Street Gifts and Crossfit Unknown. This lot is owned by a Utah resident, resulting in a much better deal on the lease of the property, according to the Grandpre family. Jaime and Gina moved to Morgan from Ogden four years ago not only for Jamie to be closer to work, but also for their children. Our five kids have done so well here and have been welcomed with open arms into this community. We love living here, beamed Gina. Gina grew up in a small town in south eastern Arizona, about the same size as Morgan. I swore that this small town girl would never return to live in a small town, she said. Then I got married and had children. Children change everything, and here we are and we wouldn’t have it any other way. So many great people live in Morgan and we are so blessed to be a part of this community. Jamie was born and raised in Ogden and as a teenager worked in a fireworks stand for a few years, so when the opportunity to run a stand of their own presented itself, he jumped on it. We love to do things together as a family and we love summer time, he said. Our kids absolutely love fireworks and were just as excited to sell them as they are about lighting them off. This blows lemonade stands out of the water in their minds. Since both parents work full-time, they appreciate all the work their children put in. The oldest two children, Chase and Courtney, have great work ethics, clearly passed down from their parents, and spend a lot of time at the stand while Jamie and Gina are otherwise employed. Running a firework stand is no easy task. The family spends many hours each year in this hot tent with no air conditioning, but they say it is worth it. Last year, we got to take our kids to Disneyland and the beach for the first time ever. This year we are sending our oldest on a mission. This supplemental income will help us get him there, Gina said. In addition to the obvious, the Grandpre family loves to help the community celebrate not only our nation’s birthday, but time together as a family. This locally run stand has something for every age and budget. Acme Discount Fireworks will beat all competitor prices. They will match it or give you a better deal. We have family packs, a little something for the little ones as well as something for the older ones, all in one package. We bundle different fountains or cakes together so you get the most for your money. We’ll have bundles on certain fountains and several items are buy one, get one free or buy two and get the third one free. We want to give you the biggest ÷bang’ for your buck, stated Gina. The family has worked in the industry long enough, they are great at helping make your holiday the best it can be. They can help you put together fabulous unique packages that fit your specific needs. We have several great fireworks from small little toys to big 192 shot cakes. Come in and we can help you put together some great packages, said Gina excitedly. Fountains and little toys are great for little kids and those who don’t want a lot of noise. Sparklers are always a big hit with little kids and even big kids. Some of our favorites that we sell are fountains like Frog in a Blender, the Little Big Show, Stick it To Ya’s, Happy Panda, the Ground Bloom Fountain, and the Hawaiian Lava cone, to name only a few, continued Gina, who clearly has a passion for the product. As everyone knows, little boys and teens love to light things on fire and ACME offers plenty of medium sized fireworks that give off a great show, but they remind residents to be smart, safe and to follow the laws established by the State of Utah and local fire departments. When asked about illegal fireworks, Gina says there are still plenty of fireworks that are not allowed in Utah. All of the fireworks that we sell are legal in Utah. If you cannot find them in Utah, then they are more than likely illegal to light off in Utah, which is another great reason to shop local. A great site to read before lighting off fireworks is found here, http://publicsafety.utah.gov/firemarshal/fireworkssafety.html The stand will open June 27 at 4 p.m. and will be open through July 5 from 10 a.m. Ò 10 p.m. On the 4th of July they open an hour early. It will re-open from July 22-24 with the same hours.

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