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Milton cemetery experiencing increased vandalism


The last few months have been tough for volunteers at the Milton cemetery. Earlier in the month there were issues with someone using a slingshot, marbles and steel bearings to make holes in the siding of a storage building housed on cemetery grounds. These vandals also broke a window on the building. The damage was substantial enough that a reward was offered for the conviction of those responsible. This irresponsible behavior was followed up last week with trespassers who dumped a large bag of trash and a large upright freezer on cemetery grounds. As most people in Morgan County know, most of these cemeteries are maintained by volunteers who unselfishly give their time and effort to keep the grounds looking beautiful. Now those volunteers have to spend their own time and money to remove someone else’s garbage from the premises. The Milton cemetery committee is asking residents to keep an eye out and help them keep this area beautiful for all those who have loved ones buried there. If you see suspicious activity, please call the Morgan County Sheriff’s office at 801-629-8221 and report it. The Sheriff’s office is also investigating the above mentioned crimes, so if anyone noticed a vehicle hauling an upright freezer on or around June 21-22, please call.

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