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SUP speaker addresses Ogden Temple dedication and celebration


On Monday, July 21, the Sons of the Utah Pioneers held an extremely successful evening at the Mountain Green Bowery featuring Craig G. Fisher of the Seventy. Fisher is currently heading up the Dedication and Celebration of the rebuilt Ogden Temple. He spoke for about 40 minutes on how the celebration preparations are going. On the first day that tickets for the open house became available, the requests exceeded 300,000. It overwhelmed the computers. In order to meet this demand the committee will need to usher 2,000 people per hour through the temple. To do this, nearly 22,000 ushers will be used. The tour will begin in the refurbished Tabernacle, where patrons and guests will view a film on temples and their purposes. Parking will be available in the newly re-built parking structure. The temple is beautiful. It will have more stonework than any other temple in the church and the mahogany woodwork is exquisite, said Fisher. Part of the Cultural Celebration accompanying the dedication will focus on President David O. McKay, the only president of the church from the Ogden area. A film on the driving of the Golden Spike will also be part of the celebration. This cultural event will be held in the Weber State University Dee Events Center on Sept. 20 and will feature more than 20,000 youth performersÓ4,000 of these will be singers, and a host of others will be dancers and actors, all in costume, having learned some powerful new songs and dances. Let the sound go forth, said Fisher. The tours will begin on July 28 and will conclude on Sept. 6. Although thousands of invitations will go out via friends and family, all persons will need to have a ticket for the open house; tickets can be ordered at templeopenhouse.lds.org. Everyone, member and non-member, is invited to come and enjoy this event. The dedication of the temple itself, will occur on Sept. 21 and will be broadcast to local designated chapels. A recommend will be required to attend the dedication. Fisher quoted the Prophet Joseph Smith: I feel that my heart will always be tender because of the tribulations I have suffered. These sufferings of our ancestors have made events like this temple open house and dedication possible. Those who are participating in the preparations for this event are having their hearts made tender. This temple will, in all likelihood, be the second most used temple in the entire church. It will only be exceeded by the temple at the MTC in Provo, Utah. There they have a daily, inbuilt patronage. Fisher concluded by saying, One can hardly be in this world without knowing and seeing that the prophecies in the revelations are coming into fulfillment. God bless you. Go and get the message out. It will be a wonderful, powerful event, and all will be happy to have invited their friends and neighbors to come and be a part of this inspirational and historical time in our lives.

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