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Letter to the Editor – from Mike Silva


Dear Editor, I wanted to provide supplemental comments on the article Danger increases along popular stretch of Weber River, by Deanne Winterton, published July 24, 2014. Thanks for the informative article! Deanne is accurate in that the Weber River has experienced a growing group of users each year and is rapidly gaining popularity as a great mixed recreation spot, with more involved in floating and fishing. I have witnessed this first hand over the last 20 years living in Utah and spending time on the Weber River each summer. Weekends are especially busy with river runners and there are a number issues that need to be addressed. Currently there is no basic infrastructure to handle the current popularity on this river stretch. I believe there is a sincere interest by user groups for improving the current status quo and thus making it an asset, not a liability for both Summit and Morgan counties. Perhaps the counties should be thinking ahead, addressing some basic infrastructure needs to accommodate this great recreation spot and turn it into our unique asset instead of a perceived liability. As an example consider what Idaho and Wyoming have done with their popular river runs. Embracing the river activity and accommodating all the activity has helped those communities. There are three basic areas that need attention that can make all the difference, and the Weber River can progress into the type of asset we want in our community. Those basic needs can be generalized as: 1) Traffic, Parking, River access and Pedestrian Safety 2) Refuse and Recycling and Sanitation, 3) River Safety Making some efforts now will pay off in bigger dividends in the near future. Doing nothing is our worst option and doomed to fail. I intend to send a more detailed letter to Morgan and Summit County councils that would specially address some of these critical aspects. Besides me, who is interested and willing to be involved in this project? Mike Silva, Morgan Resident

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