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School Spotlight – Pat Porter Peterson


It is a privilege to honor Pat Porter Peterson as a distinguished employee of the month in the Morgan School District. She began her employment with the district in 1968 as possibly the first recognized teacher’s aide. During the past 47 years, Pat has been an administrative assistant, secretary, recess aide, teaching aide, study hall monitor, PE helper and lunchroom supervisor. Pat was hired as an executive secretary to Superintendent Raymond Larson in 1972 and has worked with 11 superintendents over the years. In 1986 she took over the annual reports and accounts receivable. She has worked with payroll, school lunch reports, purchasing, substitutes, CACTUS, classified employee records, transportation, enrollment, history records and transcripts. Pat was born in Bountiful, Utah, to Gilbert and Jane Florence Porter. She is third in a family of eight children. She moved back to her family’s hometown of Porterville at age 4. Pat graduated from Morgan High School, where she participated in Girl’s League, yearbook, band and choir. In addition to being the student body secretary, Pat also represented Morgan High School at Girl’s State. She sang in a girl’s double trio and mixed quartette in high school and continued to do so for many years afterwards. Pat has many musical abilities, loves to write music and continues to play the piano and organ. Pat is dependable and is known for her attention to detail and her thoroughness. She is soft-spoken and speaks kindly of others but also has a keen sense of humor and enjoys a good laugh. She loves her three daughters, her eight grandchildren and her eight great-grandchildren. Because she is a widow, we know her family and friends are very important. As she now moves into permanent retirement, we offer our most sincere gratitude for her many years of dedicated service and hope she has lots of time to do all the things she loves.

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