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School Spotlight – Susanne Skeen


Every so often you encounter a person with a truly generous and giving heart. If you know Susanne Skeen, then you know such a person. She has been blessing the lives of others in Morgan County for many yearsÓIn her family, her neighborhood, her work, her church, and in 4-H. You might be surprised to learn that Susanne was born in Brisbane, Australia. Her father was in the U.S. Army and was stationed there. She was raised in Murray, Utah, with her brother and sister on a street named after her grandparents Ò Naylor Lane. She graduated from Murray High School, where she was involved in the Booster Marching Club and FHA. She was the yearbook editor and an officer in the Girl’s Club. Susanne has been a valuable employee in the Morgan School District Office for 35 years with accounts payable, payroll and many other duties. She is a diligent and conscientious worker. She rarely misses a day of work. Over the years she has developed a reputation of compassion and caring. She doesn’t let a life event pass by without a kind gesture, note or remembrance, and she frequently shares delicious home-baked goodies with her colleagues. She does all of this in a silent manner without hope of praise or reward. In fact, she was reluctant to even be honored as an employee of the month. She married Bill Skeen over 45 years ago and to this happy union came a daughter and eventually a son-in-law, four grandchildren and recently a grandson-in-law. Her family is important to her and she spends fun times with them raising pistachios and pecans, sewing, cooking, collecting stamps, bowling and camping. We are grateful that Susanne works for the Morgan School District and thank her for her service. She is an employee who makes a positive difference. The world would be a better place if we all acted a little more like Susanne Skeen.

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