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Mac Family Tree and Mobile Tree App


For many years I have been a Mac user. I love my MacBook. If ever I forget how much I love my MacBook I just need a moment fixing a Windows computer and I am reminded. Because I use a Mac to present at genealogical conferences I often would be asked what Mac family tree software I used. My answer for a long time was that I used a Windows product running in Windows on the Mac using parallels. Parallels allows Windows to be installed on a Mac so that Windows programs can be run if the Mac is booted in Windows mode. The main problem with this was, however, that it took a lot of space on my hard drive and made it very cumbersome to use the files created by the Mac when it was booted in Windows. Finally I just gave up and gave in to keeping my family tree online at FamilySearch. That has worked out fairly well, but I still wanted to have a copy of my tree that I could use when I wasn’t connected to the Internet. Not long ago, Mac Family Tree was created and the software was developed to synchronize with the Family Tree on FamilySearch. Finally I had a Mac based product that I could use and enjoy with my family tree. In addition Mac Family Tree has one of the best synchronization models with FamilySearch and has some wonderful reports as well. It’s not perfect, but it is quite good. Imagine my delight, then, when I found that the company that makes Mac Family Tree has also developed an IOS app called Mobile Tree App. The best part about Mobile Tree is that it works nearly identically to Mac Family Tree, including the synchronization. It has all the reports, a great ability to edit information, and it is perfectly designed for the screen size of an iPad. Even better, it doesn’t require Mac Family Tree to work, and it has virtually all the same capabilities. In my opinion it is, perhaps, the best family tree app available. I love it. If you are a Mac user or an IOS user (iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad) then give Mac Family Tree and Mobile Family Tree a try. It will let you take your family history with you wherever you go, edit offline, synchronize with FamilySearch, and see your family in many new ways. You may enjoy these products even as much as I do.

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