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Bright smiles warm grey skies during Color Run


Despite the unusually rainy August evening, over 200 runners showed up for the second-annual Color Us Bright Fun Run on Monday, Aug. 25. This low-key 3K event starts everyone out with clean white T-shirts. Seasoned participants know that sunglasses are a must in a color run, but glasses were provided to those who were new to this. As the color packs containing colored corn starch were handed out to participants, it didn’t take long before many shirts were brightly colored. Bright smiles were on the faces of youth ready to take the starting line. Throughout the short run, stations sponsored by community businesses splattered runners with even more color. The Morgan Education Foundation, that puts on the event, is always grateful for local support and hopes more businesses will join in helping the four schools in our district. The colored powder that was handed out at registration, as well as at the stations, is made with environmentally friendly, food grade material. It is easily washed off of the pathway where it was scattered, and also washes out of clothes, hair and skin. The foundation’s preliminary numbers show that they raised $3,600 (net) from the very fun run. Morgan Education Foundation member Diana Windley says, Each year we really make every effort to make sure that we keep registration fees affordable so that whole families can participate. This is surely no easy task, which is why the foundation relies heavily on corporate sponsorships. This assures the success of that delicate balance between affordability and raising revenue for our schools. In comparison to other color runs and festivals, the Foundation’s Color Fun Run is very affordable. It gives Morgan families the chance to take part in the latest running craze without breaking the bank, all while giving back to local schools. Residents are encouraged to tell everyone they know about this incredible opportunity so that the event will see increased participation from both locals and welcome visitors in years to come. Participation numbers were up from last year. In 2013, only 120 people pre-registered for the Color Fun Run. This year, pre-registered participants came in at 160 with many more registering at the event. There was also an increase in spectators and supporters at the event. This increase in support may have been partly due to the fact that the event switched days this year from a busy Saturday to Monday, which is traditionally a family day anyway. The change in days also avoided conflicts with soccer and WFFL football games. The foundation hopes to increase awareness each year, but most participants seemed to favor the Monday schedule. Our goal is to increase participation and sponsorships for this event in each subsequent year, said Windley. I helped ÷throw color’ as a representative from a sponsor (Goldenwest Credit Union) and it was a blast. Everyone was having fun_kids, teenagers and adults alike. The MHS SBOs sold pulled-pork sandwiches to help raise money for the digital marquee in front of the high school, so that was also a draw. After the run winding around the high school and Mickelson Mile was over, a colorful group gathered as the Morgan fire department gave example of how easily the tinted dust washes off. Brave participants stepped up to the fire hose to be washed with a cold blast of water from the engine parked at the event. The 2014 sponsors included: Morgan Young Ford & Dodge; Advanced Machinery; Goldenwest Credit Union; Hertz; GetAway Today Vacations; 1st Bank; Timbermine Steakhouse; Karen’s Kreations; and Hinds Quick Stop. Jerry Pierce is a staple at nearly every fundraising opportunity in Morgan County and this was no exception. The foundation is grateful for his services as the DJ and MC for the event. We couldn’t have raised nearly as much money without our sponsors and our local media. We are very grateful to them for their support, concluded Windley.

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