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News Briefs for 5 September, 2014


Morgan motorists may be subject to emissions testing If the federal government redefines ozone, Morgan County vehicle owners may have to participate in annual emission testing along with regular safety testing, said Morgan County Councilwoman Tina Kelley. Along with several other rural counties in the state, Morgan County has never required emissions inspections. However, the Environmental Protection Agency is considering adopting a new definition of ozone. If that happens, the Weber Morgan Health Department suspects Morgan may not comply with new ozone ratings, and hence may be required to participate in emissions inspection. Kelley suggested the Morgan County Council members pay close attention to the issue during upcoming state legislative sessions. Grant awarded for Como Springs study The U.S. Department of Agriculture has awarded Morgan County with a $30,000 grant to study development possibilities at Como Springs, said Morgan County Councilman Lyle Nelson. Nelson said the county will work closely with county economic development consultant Better City to use the grant for a feasibility study. Wilkinson Construction to care for RecPlex The Morgan County Recreation Board, with representatives from the city and county, awarded Wilkinson Construction the contract for maintaining the lawn and maintenance of the Wilkinson Complex behind Morgan High School. The moves marks the first time a third-party private entity has been appointed to the task, and the exit of the recreation board maintaining the facility. Council allows Hidden Hollow building permits The Morgan County Council voted to allow land owners to begin applying for building permits again in the Hidden Hollow subdivision. The bank has plans for the one slide lot in the subdivision. The landslide in the area has been under constant monitoring, Councilman Austin Turner said. He expects the monitoring to continue for years in the future. The county fire chief has granted approval, and work has been done on storm drains in the subdivision. County storage shed on wish list The Morgan County Council voted to make plans for a county storage shed part of its capital facility plan. As such, impact fees to the tune of $120,000 can be used to finance the project, said Morgan County Councilman Ned Mecham. Councilman Robert Kilmer asked the council to consider beginning the process of updating the capital facilities plan and impact fees as soon as possible. Projects must be part of the capital facilities plan before impact fees can be spent financing them.

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