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Morgan City puts forward Capital Investment Plan


The Morgan City Council met this week to discuss capital improvement rankings, Tucker Farms rezone and Riverbend apartments. When city or county governments would like to seek funding for projects through grants or loans, those projects must appear on their Capital Investment Plan. This plan goes before the Council of Governements (COG) and that body then assigns importance to each line item. The COG consists of both city and county councils as well as the school district. Changes were made to the 2015 plan at the latest Morgan City Council meeting. The plan currently includes sewer improvements as the highest priorities. There are new restrictions coming from the federal government that we have to comply with by a certain date and time. So those improvements will need to be completed soon, said Councilwoman Shelly Betz. Other high priority items include walkway improvements to the Mickelsen Mile walking path near Riverside Park. Betz related, If any of you have walked the Mickelsen Mile, you know that there are some improvements to be made. The hotel, while still a high priority item, was downgraded from a High (1) to a High (2) level. Now that school is back in session, the bridge over the Weber River connecting Young Street to Commercial Street is on the minds of many and that improvement is still high on the list as well. Industrial park plans went down on the list because councilmembers felt there were more important items the city needs to deal with first. Medium priority items included items such as the Riverside parking lot. Riverside Park is highly used now and the current parking situation is getting congested, said Betz. The plan is to overlay and stripe the parking lot at the very least so that city officials can determine how much parking is really there and assess any needs for additional properties to expand the existing lot. At this meeting, it was proposed that an amendment be made to the general plan allowing the Tucker Farms property, along with two small city pieces of land to be re-zoned from low density residential to commercial general. The property is located at approximately the 250 North and 271 North block of State Street. After going into a public hearing, the rezone was approved unanimously. Fran Hopkin did remind the council that the planning commission should ensure that the lighting ordinance is enforced so that residents won’t have lights shining in their windows. Mayor Ray Little assured that information would be passed on, but it appeared to be taken care of in their proposal. The final resolution on the agenda was also approved and will allow the development of the proposed Riverbend luxury apartments. The density on this property will be restricted to 36 units and will be required to provide vinyl fencing along the northerly property line from the river to the public right of way. Any fencing between the project and the river shall be at the developer’s discretion. An open space area with a covered picnic facility will also be mandated in addition to high end playground improvements.

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