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As you are considering charitable causes to which you will donate at the end of this year and are determining where to donate next year, I encourage you to consider donating to the Morgan Education Foundation and the Morgan School District. It has been said that no money spent on education is ever wasted. I believe that this is true. I also believe that the school district in Morgan does a great job delivering one of the best quality educations in the state with one of the most modest budgets in the state. There will be those who, when they read the request to donate funds to the school district, will say that the district could manage the funds they have better. This is certainly true, just as each of us could be a better person than we were yesterday. When an organization manages a multi-million dollar budget, there will always be areas to improve. In all material ways, my view is that Morgan schools manage the budget entrusted to them in a responsible manner and deliver a quality education with one the state’s most modest budgets. There have been several initiatives over the past few years to increase funding for schools. Often initiatives in Morgan to raise taxes are defeated. I understand the desire to hold down taxes, and I will let you each judge whether the level of taxes is right. The Morgan County News has covered each of these initiatives and provided substantial information to help subscribers come to their own conclusion. This editorial is not about taxes. It is about our ability and willingness to individually decide to support the education of our children in Morgan. The Morgan Education Foundation has provided substantial support for Morgan schools over the years. They currently have a campaign to improve computer access in the schools. You can read more about it at http://MorganEducationFoundation.org . The foundation has done tremendous good in helping the district provide a quality education. You can donate directly to the foundation on the website listed above. If you would prefer to donate directly, you can do so at the district office. I appreciate the wonderful education that the school district provided for my son. He is now thriving at the University of Utah and this is in no small part because of a wonderful Morgan School District and outstanding teachers. Many of you received your education in Morgan schools. Now is a great time to give back, and pay forward. I hope that you will act and donate to the Education Foundation and/or the school district and lend your support to the incredibly important cause of educating our children. Don Anderson Publisher The Morgan County News don@MorganNews.com

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