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Turkey Trot highlights fastest MES second graders


Friday, Nov. 21, the second graders at Morgan Elementary School participated in the annual Turkey Trot. This established tradition is exciting for the second grade students and their teachers, parents and grandparents who support them. The Turkey Trot is several years old now and has become part of the second grade experience, Principal Tim Wolff explained. Students look forward to it, and are motivated by it. Students get excited about the chance to help provide part of their family’s Thanksgiving feast. They enjoy the competition. Some of them may even enjoy a few minutes outside of the classroom. Boys and girls from all six classes sat on the football field at the high school with anticipation of the great race. There were two qualifying races for both boys and girls to make sure everyone had a fair shot at crossing the finish line first. The top five winners of each race ran their hardest to win a delicious Thanksgiving Day delectable in the final race. First place winners Quin Eckberg and Liv Drummond received the bird of the month- a turkey, donated by Bingham’s Meats. Second place winners Brinley Turner and Jameson George took home ham donated by Ridley’s. Third place winners, David Rich and Keira Brewer and fourth place winners, Paisley Ralphs and Boston Wright, each received pies from Walmart. The students cheered for each other as they watched their classmates compete in the big event. The 7- and 8-year-old athletes showed great sportsmanship and comradery as they raced nearly a full lap around the track. Eckberg felt, kind of sickie as he crossed the finish line placing first in both the trial and the final race. After he had a chance to catch his breath and realized he won, he was thrilled. I was super proud, the second grader said. Eckberg said he hasn’t been practicing particularly for the race, but he always likes to run. He is following in his mother’s running shoes. Eckberg’s mom Candice won the Turkey Trot at Crestview Elementary school on Vandenberg Air Force Base when she was in second grade. She received a ribbon for her victory, while her son emerged with a giant frozen Norbest turkey when she picked him up after school. While Drummond’s tiny frame could carry her swiftly around the track, it trembled to carry her trophy turkey. When the teachers presented it to her, they joked that it was bigger than her. She practiced at the Century Center prior to the race to prepare. She said she felt good crossing the finish line knowing she had done her best. It felt awesome! Brewer said of finishing the race. She had skipped practicing for the race because it was too cold to run outside. She is excited to eat her pies on Thanksgiving. Turner also felt good as she crossed the finish line. I am just very fast at running, she said as she explained that she didn’t practice running. I plan to eat it on Thanksgiving with my family, she said of her prize. Ralphs felt happy and tired as she finished her race. The worn-out second grader was excited to receive her pies. She plans on eating and sharing the pies with her family. Unlike Ralphs, Wright felt bad and sick when he raced. However he felt great afterwards. He may end up feeling sick when he eats his prize as he plans on eating both pies by himself. Quick sprinter Jameson George said, I was kind of nervous. He didn’t need to be nervous as he sped through the course. I just had all my energy to run fast enough, he explained. Rich not only practiced running, but came geared up for the race. He sported shorts even with the cold temperatures to ensure he could move swiftly around the track, and it paid off. I like to have two pies! David said of his award he plans to share with his family on Thanksgiving. Not only did he get a snack, but he also received a backrub from one of his cousins when the race was finished. I love to support the Turkey Trot because the students love to participate! Principal Wolff stated. During the Trot it is inspiring to see those who participate try their very best at something that is, at least to their 7- and 8-year-old eyes, both big and hard.

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