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Envision Utah seeks input from Morgan County residents


Envision Utah President Robert Grow related a thought that Larry H. Miller once shared with him. Miller said, I would give back every car I have ever sold if Utah could go back to the way it used to be. However, until a proper time travel device has been invented, all we can do is look to the future to ensure our children will be able to enjoy the same opportunities and environments that we have in our communities today. According to the Envision Utah website, by 2050 Utahs population will nearly double. Governor Herbert approached Envision Utah and asked them to work with 400 other experts to create a Your Utah, Your Future campaign to address what this incredible growth pattern will mean to our state. As a part of this campaign, Envision Utah is asking 50,000 Utahns to participate in a survey. The results of the survey will lead to a vision for Utahs future. This vision will be used by policymakers, local governments, businesses, developers, and the public to make sure Utahs future growth is well managed. This is the most extensive look into a states future that has ever been done, said Grow. A lot of time and dedication has been poured into this study, but as of Tuesday, April 21, only 13,783 people have completed this survey. Governor Herbert asked schools to get involved and 250 Utah schools, including Morgan Middle School, signed on to be a part of the process. Grows daughter-in-law, Mountain Green resident Tricia Grow, was a key player in making sure that Morgan Middle School could participate in this fundraiser. As an incentive to potential participants, a contributor to Envision Utah has offered to pay $1 per completed survey to any participating school. Anyone over the age of 12 is encouraged to submit their own data. These teens are the ones who will benefit the most from this information. We would love to persuade them to get involved now, said Grow. Only 57 people so far have taken the survey and listed Morgan Middle School. That is only $57 of a potential $2,500 for the school, and all it takes are a few clicks of a mouse button. Even the students have gotten involved at Morgan Middle School. The MMS Envision Utah committee includes Brooke Grow, Jaden Mellott, Makenna Wallace, Kayden Martinson and Avery Wallin. In the fall of 2014 Envision Utah released the Build Your Utah game dealing with 11 issues; Air Quality, Education, Energy, Housing & Living Cost, Jobs & Economy, Public Lands, Transportation & Communities, Water, Agriculture, Disaster Resilience, and Recreation. The committee kicked off their community outreach at the last MHS home football game. During lunch time at MMS they set up several laptops and allowed students to play the Build Your Utah game. Our hope is that this survey will not only give us needed data, but help educate individuals on 11 important topics that will face Utahs growing population, said Grow. The survey only takes a few minutes, but with all the information the survey links to you could spend hours learning about emergency preparation, air quality, water conservation, etc. It is important that we get a relevant amount of feedback from all over the state, urged Grow. Both Davis and Weber counties will eventually run out of space to grow. One of the only logical places for the population to grow from there will be rural areas in the Wasatch back. Information is needed to map that growth so that we can honestly answer the question, Are we really headed in the direction we want to be going? Grow urged those in rural areas to have their voice heard in regard to this survey. If you want to maintain the rural nature of your county, you need to be educated. The more people who respond to the survey, the better data we will have to pass on for Morgan County specifically. Grow is a descendant of Morgan Countys own pioneer Jesse C. Little and is excited to see more input from our beautiful valley roll in. Grow served as the founding chair when Envision Utah began in 1997, and is now the president of the organization. His background as an attorney specializing in land use planning, real estate development and environmental law gives him great insight on how to handle growth. When asked why he got involved with this process he said, I was asking myself one day how I could assure that my children would be afforded the same opportunities I had growing up in Utah. How can I make sure that they have the same opportunity to own a house at a fair price, to breathe clean air, to have clean water to drink and an economy that supports job growth? For me, the answer was Envision Utah. He continued saying, I am at a point in my career when I can give of my time and energy to causes I believe in. It has given me the opportunity to be involved with a lot of really great people who also have a desire to be good stewards for our children and grandchildrens futures. To complete the survey and learn more about the issues at hand, please visit www.envisionutah.org.

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