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Porterville car rally draws big crowds to Morgan


Saturday, June 27, Jack and Jean Harris and Clif and Virginia Burwell hosted the 10th annual Porterville Car Rally. The turnout was even better than expected according to the hosts. What started as just a few people stopping in with their cars has become quite a large event. Every year it gets a little bigger, said Virginia, who sat on her porch enjoying the scenery which included mountains, vintage automobiles, brand new automobiles and crowds of visitors at her home. The Burwells own six of their own show-worthy cars including an old Ford Model-T, which has one modern advance attached to it: a recorded voice letting patrons now if they have gotten too close to the collectors item. One visitor said she was just driving by and came upon the car show. I pulled over to see what was going on and I was so tickled by what I saw. I am going to tell all my friends to watch for it next year, said the new patron as she put her email address on a pad of paper left out for those who want to be informed of the event in the future. This fun, free community event housed some rare beauties including a 1918 Oldsmobile dump truck named Bright Eyes owned by Jim and Nicky Burwell and a chrome 65 Shelby Cobra. Every car on the premises was unique in its own way, right down to the brand new Corvettes. It was a car lovers paradise. The setting added to the authenticity. Just off highway 66, the restored garage and barn provide the perfect backdrop. You can even see the old Porterville church in the distance. Old and young enjoyed a complimentary lunch along with plenty of lemonade and popsicles to go around, which was a welcome treat on one of the warmest days so far this year. An estimated 300 people were served this year, up from 250 last year. In return, the families ask patrons to bring items for the Morgan County food bank. Our food bank really benefits from these donations. We had a full car again this year and we appreciate it so much, said Virginia gratefully. Donations are collected in the back of the Burwells Model-T. While the Harris and Burwell families charitably host and help fund this event every year, they would also like to thank the many community sponsors including: Morgan Drug; Denise and Howard Hansen; Mark and Lauri Robinson; Randy and Paula Moultrie; Dee and Andrea Whittington; Kurt and Angie Bryant; Jim and Nicky Burwell; and Grant and Amy Fairbanks.

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