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Little buckaroos fill Junior Rodeo arena


The Morgan County Fairs Junior Rodeo is always a crowd pleaser. Seeing our littlest cowboys and cowgirls get out there and strut their stuff is bound to put a smile on anyones face. The event started off with mutton bustin. Sympathy pours from the crowd as some of the little ones end their rides in tears, but when a 4-year-old hangs on to that sheep for dear life and actually stays on, there are loud cheers all around. Thanks to an especially encouraging announcer this year, most of the kids got done riding with big smiles on their faces. Those who were not yet ready to brave the bucking ponies, mini bulls or even sheep still had plenty of fun chasing chickens and running after greased pigs. Those who caught their hens got to take them home, but no parents had to take home slippery pigs. Kids who were lucky enough to catch a swine were awarded cash instead. Future rodeo champions are made right here in these arenas, said the announcer. The youth who participated in the rough stock events should all be commended. Its no disgrace to be kicked off that pony, assured the announcer referring to some of the ponies who were previously used for national competitions. Just to the north of the main arena timed events were held in the Morgan High School arena. Breakaway, goat tie, barrels, poles and keyhole kept the second arena entertained for the evening. There will be additional opportunities to see these brave kids ride in the rodeo on Friday and Saturday, but with over 250 kids wanting to participate year after year, these little ones definitely earn their own event. There were over 800 spectators that came to watch these fearless buckaroos. None of the events are as easy as they might appear and the event goes pretty late for some of these youngsters, but that doesnt discourage many. The Junior Rodeo increases in popularity every year. Kissy Pentz, who has been the rodeo coordinator for several years now, spends countless hours assuring the success of this family event and deserves the highest praise for her dedication. This rodeo would not be what it is without her influence.

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