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Council contemplates hiring council secretary


The seven members of the Morgan County Council need help keeping the county running smoothly every day, and they are thinking of hiring the county’s first-ever, full-time council secretary.

The council members stopped short of calling the position an administrative assistant because it would sound too much like “council administrator,” refreshing memories of the malfeasance of former Council Administrator Garth Day.

“I am so afraid of the administrative word because of the abuse from before.  “‘Administrative assistant’ is a nasty word,” Councilman Robert Kilmer said at last week’s council meeting.  “But we need someone to answer the phone and take messages.  I don’t know how many times we start something, then come back to it a year later.”

“This would not be a county manager,” Council Chairman Logan Wilde said.  “The problem with the council is we are going in so many different directions that we start something and it snowballs into something else.  I am a rancher, not an administrator.  I need direction some times.”

The secretary would handle a variety of functions including council assistance, garbage billing, human resources and payroll.

“We cannot justify a council secretary being full-time unless we add other duties,” Kilmer said.

“They are going to have as much work as we delegate to them, and it is going to grow,” Councilwoman Tina Cannon said.

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