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County hears airport fueling station plans


A fuel station may be coming to the Morgan County Airport.

Travis Wayland, co-owner of Aerial Crane Enterprises based in Farmington, approached the Morgan County Council last week about the possibility of providing infrastructure for a self-serve fuel farm and service in exchange for the possibility of leasing large helicopter hangar space for a headquarters in the county’s undeveloped airport area.

Aerial Crane has three partners with experience in aerial lift work.  Most of their customers are government fire and forestry agencies.

“We’ve known for years there hasn’t been fueling at the Morgan airport.  There are no facilities or tanks there,” Wayland said.  “We’re interested in providing fuel services there.  Morgan is a special little place.  It is very friendly and clean.  As demand grows for fuel, we would expand.”

Putting the facilities in place would carry a $250,000 price tag, Wayland estimated.

Although the county airport has never had a fueling station, it does have a spot designated for such a service on the northeast of the airport.  The fuel station would need double-walled tanks, berm protection, and a catch basin in case of tank failure, Wayland said.

While most Morgan County Council members voiced support for the idea, Chairman Logan Wilde said he would have to check with the county’s insurance.

Councilman Ned Mecham wants input from airport neighbors before voting affirmatively for the idea.

“I think the concept is good and right along the lines we have had of future uses of the airport,” Councilman Robert Kilmer said.  “The county council is interested in a helicopter hangar complex and fuel station.  It fits in with the airport.  Nobody is going to spend money in Morgan County if we don’t say, ‘We are willing to work with you.’”

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