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Law enforcement still looking for theft suspect


A high-speed chase combined with three stolen cars and a suspect still at-large shook the Mountain Green area earlier this week.

On Monday, Morgan Deputy Kyley Slater noticed a white Chrysler 200 sedan possibly trespassing on railroad property next to Interstate 84.  He was on the south side of the rail road tracks across from the rest stop at Mile Marker 94 travelling east.

Using the railroad access, the driver merged onto Interstate 84, where Slater conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle near Mile Marker 95.

“The reason for the stop was trespass,” Slater said.

The male driver could not produce identification, and after running the car’s plates, it was discovered the Chrysler had been stolen out of Salt Lake recently.  The driver sped off before the traffic stop was complete, travelling eastbound on I-84.  At Mile Marker 97, the driver used the emergency turnaround in the median and continued eastbound while in the westbound lanes, flipping around to westbound, and exiting at the Peterson exit.

Slater was pursuing the driver once again, this time westbound.  The driver used another emergency turnaround, traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes near Mile Marker 92.  He then started driving eastbound in the eastbound lanes, plowing through a fence dividing Old Highway Road from I-84 near Mile Marker 93.

The driver was now on Old Highway Road heading east and Slater lost sight of him.

With the help of other officers, Slater searched for the driver and set up a containment area.  Officers were posted at the Mountain Green onramp and were stationary at the Cottonwoods.

In the meantime, a Mountain Green resident had come home to find a strange car in their garage with the garage door down.  A few doors away, a car with the keys left inside had been stolen.  That car registered to a Mountain Green resident was later driven to South Ogden and abandoned a gas station, where the suspect stole a third car to escape.

Officers are still looking for that driver, and charges are only waiting for the positive I.D.

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office is working with South Ogden law enforcement to release photos and try to get an identification.

“We don’t believe he is local,” Slater said.  “We have charges, but we don’t know yet who to give them to.”

Slater advised Morgan residents not to be victimized by crimes of opportunity.

“Times are changing in Morgan County,” Slater said.  “Often times, criminals are looking for opportunities.  Secure your property and don’t let yourself be victims.”

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