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Middle School Mashup – December 4, 2015


In November, true to our monthly theme, Morgan Middle School students were caught “standing out in a good way.” Through kindness and acts of service we were able to show our community how amazing we are.

On Nov. 11, we hosted the annual Veteran’s Day Assembly, to honor the men and women of our community who have served in the United States armed forces. The staff and student council worked hard to make sure the show was a success, and spent countless hours preparing for it. In preparation for the assembly teachers and students created hundreds of special cards, each inscribed with a personal message for a veteran. In their math classes, students learned and practiced the five armed forces’ songs.

On the day of the assembly, parents and community members streamed in, filling the gym to capacity. The program began, and we were able to listen to several performances from the band and choir.  The entire student body had the opportunity to sing tributes they had prepared, honoring the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard with their songs.  After each performance, the audience responded with thunderous applause.

Veterans spoke to the audience members about their experiences in the military. At the close of each of these talks, the crowd was visibly moved. This feeling of reverence continued throughout the program as we watched a video tribute, and the Morgan County honor roll was read. At the program’s end, audience members felt a renewed appreciation for the men and women who serve our country.

Students were also able to continue to attend the school’s service den time. This month we made little wooden swords that will be sold in a craft sale at the Festival of Trees. All of the money earned there will be donated to Primary Children’s Hospital, where it will be used to take care of their many patients.

One of the students said that “if it were me in that hospital bed, it would really mean the world to me to know that someone else wanted me to get better.” Students sanded, painted, and decorated all month long.

On Nov. 23, students participated in “School Pride Day.” That day during their advisory period, students worked around the middle school, washing and disinfecting the building. They also cleaned up outside and around the grounds. The end result was beautiful as everyone stood back to look at the newly cleaned building.

So overall the middle school had a pretty eventful month. Between the assembly and the school-wide clean up, things at MMS are looking pretty good right now. Thanks to our students and community, this is really a great place to go to school! MMS students always remember, WE ARE THE DIFFERENCE!

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