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Morgan County names new emergency services director


Ian Nelson began volunteering as an emergency medical technician in Morgan back in 2005 when he got to know the community and other EMTs. The past decade has taken him all over northern Utah, but his appreciation for our county led him back as Morgan’s new emergency services director.
Nelson has returned with education and experience that will benefit the community. He will oversee emergency management, EMS/ambulance and the fire department.
Nelson’s parents moved to Morgan in 2003 while he was serving an LDS mission. Upon returning, Nelson went to school in California, where he grew up, and then joined his parents in Morgan County in 2004. Nelson volunteered with the Morgan County EMS crew for a year. After that, he worked with Gold Cross Ambulance, IHC Behavioral Health Unit, South Ogden Fire Department as an EMT, South Salt Lake Fire Department and Roy Fire Department.
At one point he was running with Roy, South Salt Lake and South Ogden all at the same time. In addition to acquiring skills at the different departments, Nelson also studied at Weber State University to become a paramedic. He is currently attending Weber State University studying emergency management and administration.
As his career has taken him to different agencies/organizations, Nelson has been able to work with different people. Even within a single department, an emergency services provider is able to work with a variety of people, and that is one of Nelson’s favorite aspects of the job.
He has found that it takes a special kind of person to work as an EMT anywhere. However, he has been extremely impressed with the Morgan crew, which drew him back after all of these years. “The people are even more special,” he says. While working as an EMT is demanding, volunteering can be that much more difficult.
Nelson has enjoyed working with many of the EMTs in Morgan, knows their quality of work and has been pleased that he never hears any complaints. “I wanted to be part of a team like that,” Nelson said of choosing to return to Morgan.
“I like making someone feel better when they’re probably having the worst day of their life,” Nelson explained of his line of work.
Nelson is eager to build upon the successful departments that Terry Turner and Dave Rich have built. He feels they have successfully established a great foundation that he plans to build upon. Turner recently retired overseeing EMS after over 30 years of service and Rich will continue his work as fire chief. Nelson knows he will have to adapt as Morgan continues to grow.
The hardest aspect of his job is being away from his family. The job requires you to go when there is an emergency. which can easily happen nights, weekends, holidays and on other special occasions. He loves spending time with his family whenever the job doesn’t take him away.
Doing things with his wife, Hailey, seven-year-old daughter and two-year-old son is what Nelson looks forward to. “I spend most of my time with my family.” The family of four moved to Morgan about a year and a half ago and are currently building a home in Mahogany Ridge.
Nelson is excited about the new position. He would love to hear your thoughts about fire and EMS in Morgan County.

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