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Valley View apartment complex receives final approval


After an unsuccessful attempt at a zoning change, the developers of the Valley View at Mahogany Ridge apartments were finally granted final approval. The original developer had plans for patio homes, which some feel fit the general plan of the area better than the apartment complexes which were approved.
The area is zoned RM-15, which allows for this multi-family housing. In this case, up to 180 units have been approved within four phases, but developers plan to start out small. Two 12-plex apartment buildings will be build in phase one, utilizing only 24 of the potential 180 units.
The eventual build out is set to include three more 12-plex buildings and five 24-plex buildings. The property consists of 13.5 acres and is currently vacant.
Jeff Wardell was absent at the Morgan City Council meeting, but the four-member quorum unanimously consented that the application was consistent with the general plan and agreed with the planning commission decision to include a few stipulations: Sunset Drive be extended/paved, sidewalks adjacent to parking structures must be 6 feet and the clubhouse and pool portion of the development must be moved up to phase three.
The planning staff, as well as the city council, noted that soil tests will have to be done given the inclined terrain the property sits on.
Considering all the recent sewer issues, Councilman Bill Cobabe inquired as to whether or not the Morgan City sewer system could handle the apartments at this time “given that we are bumping up against sewer capacity already.” He was assured that these units were already figured in to that equation when zoning took place.
Low density units by the same developer labeled Mountain View apartments to the south of 700 East were also given concept approval at an earlier planning commission meeting.
Bids were then awarded to Skyview Excavating & Grading Inc. for the 300 East 100 North street improvement project and the Weber River pathway reconstruction project.
Advanced Paving & Construction LLC was awarded the bid for 2016 Street Improvement project, which includes asphalt overlays and new stripes on city streets, improvements on 300 East and stripping and reinstalling irreparable asphalt on a portion of 200 East.

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