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Utah switches from presidential primary to March 22 caucus; Morgan residents encouraged to get out and vote


When lawmakers decided not to fund a $3 million presidential primary in 2015, the decision was made to switch to an earlier caucus. Presidential primaries have historically been held in June, but lawmakers hope that involving Utahans earlier in the process will garner a higher voter turnout.
Republican voters need to register online by March 15 to be able to vote in the presidential caucus at http://utah.gop.
Those participating in choosing a Democratic candidate do not have to be registered as a member of the party. Any eligible voter can participate.
Presidential election primaries and caucuses are two different methods of accomplishing the same thing. Each is a means for each political party to allow voters to select their party’s presidential nominee. Each party selects a presidential nominee based on how many delegates will vote for them at the national convention.
Morgan Democrats are represented by ShaRon Williams as chair, Ray Worthen as vice-chair and Shelley Page as secretary/treasurer. You can research their platform and find information about upcoming events at morgandems.net.
Those wishing to have their voices heard in the Democrat caucus can attend from 6 – 8:30 p.m. at Morgan Middle School. “This is your chance to have a say about who is on the ballot this year,” reminds Worthen. If you are not yet a registered voter, party officials will help you get registered on site.
Morgan Republicans can have their voices heard at the following locations: Precincts 1-6, Mountain Green Elementary; Precincts 7-14, Morgan High School; and the Precinct 15 voting location is to be determined, but will likely take place at Holcim. For final information, please see the party website, morganutahgop.org.
You can buy tickets to the presidential debate on March 21 as well as pre-register for the caucus by going to http://utah.gop. However, since Morgan County recently revamped voting districts creating eight new precincts, you may be confused about your precinct location. Morgan GOP leadership will gladly help you figure out your new precinct.
If you are already registered as a Republican, you should have also received a card from Morgan County with your precinct number on it.
Morgan Republican leadership includes Kera Birkeland as chair, John Hubble as vice-chair, Jennie Earl as state central committee chair, and Bob Harvey as treasurer.
Birkeland praised the move stating, “I’m thrilled Utah is more involved than ever in the presidential election. It’s going to be the start of great things in our state for the GOP. I believe wholeheartedly in the caucus system. We would not have many of our great representatives without it.”
She concluded mentioning that, “The caucus system is one of the few things that brings state-wide officials and candidates to our small town. Those running in the convention system know they need every single one of our delegates’ votes. It is how we really make our voices heard.”

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