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Candidates file for six local positions; Two school board members not seeking re-election


Based on political filings that officially closed March 17, Morgan County School Board’s District 3 is the hottest contested race.  Candidates Gaylene Adams, Jennie Earl and R. Kraig Walker will be on a primary election ballot June 28 for the four-year seat.  Incumbent and current Board Chairman Ken Durrant will be stepping down from that position at the end of the year after serving for 20 years.
Board Member Neil Carrigan, who has served on the board for eight years, will likewise be stepping down from the District 5 school board seat.  Candidates Jim Brown and Adam Toone both filed to fill the four-year position this time around.
Ronald Blunck, who was appointed in June to his school board seat representing District 1, will retain his seat for another four years in an uncontested race.
The school board will be appointing someone to fill a seat to be left vacant by Mark Farmer, representing District 4.  Applications are being taken at the school district office through Friday, May 6.  Applicants will be interviewed in an open meeting May 10, followed that day by a swearing in.
“I have been fortunate to enjoy the support of my district for 20 years.  It was never my intentions to run more than one term, but as I became more involved, I realized it would take more time to help with the needs of the district,” Durrant said.  “My wife and I have other plans that would not allow me to continue on as a board member. However, I am concerned to be leaving at such a critical juncture as the student numbers continue to grow and the board not being able to provide them the necessary resources such as additional buildings, smaller class sizes and other necessities to receive a quality education.  But I do have faith that whoever is elected, they will strive to provide the very best they can for the future education of our children.”
“I figured I would give somebody else a chance,” said Carrigan, who served for eight years on the school board, plus another 12 on the Morgan City Council, 10 years on the county ambulance, 30 years on the fire department and 40 years as a math teacher.  He had only intended to serve on the board for one four-year term, but when nobody filed for the seat four years ago, he stepped up for the second time.  “Both people are very well qualified.  There will be problems coming up with bonding and all the people coming.  Houses fill up, and Snowbasin could pop.  Building houses doesn’t pay for what you’ve got to do.”

County Council
With three positions up for grabs on the Morgan County Council, only one is set to change following candidate filings.  Morgan County Councilmen Daryl Ballantyne and Robert Kilmer will retain their current positions for four more years in uncontested races.  They will represent Districts 1 and 3, respectively.
In the Morgan County Council at-large race, incumbent Logan Wilde did not file for re-election after serving four years, opting instead to try his chances at a state legislative position.  Roland Haslam and Clay Ivan Rich both filed to fill the position. Haslam and Rich have both had experience serving on the county’s planning commission.
Croydon’s Logan Wilde will join other fellow Republicans including Seth R Winterton of Kamas and incumbent Melvin R. Brown of Coalville, as well as Park City Democrat Cole R. Capener in a bid for the two-year Utah State House District 53 seat.

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