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MacPherson takes on newly created council secretary position


The seven members who make up the Morgan County Council have known for a long time they needed a little extra help, but it took a while to officially create the new full-time council secretary position.  Tauna MacPherson officially began as the council’s right-hand woman March 1.
MacPherson moved to Rollins Ranch in Mountain Green six years ago with her husband and two children.  She grew up in Syracuse and graduated from Clearfield High School.  Yesterday’s rural Syracuse is very similar to today’s Morgan County, MacPherson said, recognizing the struggles that come with change.
“I come from a small town, and I understand the dynamics.  Morgan reminds me of Mayberry.  It is a hidden gem.  People here are so nice,” she said.  “But change is inevitable.  It can’t just stay the way it is.  People want the good old days, but change can be exciting.”
She said the beauty of the county brought her family to the area, and her family enjoys being 10 minutes away from skiing in Snowbasin.
MacPherson’s career spans 36 years in community banking.  She has worked at First National Bank of Layton as vice president of consumer lending and collections, First Security Bank Corporation as senior financial sales representative, and Community First Bank in consumer loans, collection, recovery and bankruptcy.
She wanted a change of pace, and the newly created county position was a good match for her, she said.
“I have worn lots of hats in my career.  I am the type to go and figure it out,” MacPherson said.  “I am excited about this.  I am getting to know the people and what they need of me.”
Officially, the job description includes council assistance, human resources and payroll.  Admittedly, the council attempted to assign enough duties to justify the full-time status, but also promised that the duties “could grow” in the future.  Chairman Logan Wilde has said a council secretary will help keep things from piling up and getting lost in the cracks.  All council members say it should eliminate some of the stress they have felt trying to operate the county on a day-to-day basis.
Although the position comes with a job description, MacPherson realizes she is forging expectations and essentially establishing just what a council secretary for Morgan County should be.  It is a challenge she is willing and excited to take on.
“It is time for me to put on a different hat,” she said.  “It is a matter of rethinking things.”

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