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Daddy daughter dance enchants Mountain Green Elementary


Mountain Green Elementary School’s daddy daughter ball of 2016 was truly an enchanted event. “This event only happens every two years, so I wanted to make it incredible for all who attended,” said organizer Jenny Terry.

It took Terry and her crew an entire year to plan every tiny detail, and it showed.

“I love creating memorable moments and with it being springtime, an enchanted forest came to mind. Our theme was ‘Some Enchanted Evening,’ so I created the decor and the music playlist to reflect the mood of the night,” said Terry.

Terry’s sons Jacob and Ethan were the DJs for the evening and chose Harry Connick Jr.’s version of the song. The boys kept the music rolling all night.

There was a lot to do during the ball. A large food table was lined with cheese cubes, pretzel sticks, pine nut hummus, grapes, acorn cookies, gummy bears and beautiful cupcakes from Smith’s bakery. “I had a vision for these, and Smiths really came through,” praised Terry. Each cake was situated on a table decked out in fairyland mushrooms and moss-covered trees.

At the front entrance guests were greeted and given a sparkly pencil and a getting-to-know-you sheet that dads and daughters could fill out together.

There was a craft table with fairy dust necklaces that were created so the girls could fill with many colors of ultra fine glitter.

A running wishing well fountain stood with shiny pennies to give the girls the opportunity to wish for some magic of their own.

Each table was lined with lit fairy gardens and each had a different theme. Fairy pixie stix were scattered around each one for all to enjoy. This added to the feeling of being in a magical, enchanted world.

Lining each side of the dance floor were magical trees draped with 300 crystals. Each crystal had a flower at the top and was personalized with a picture of each girl. Terry commented on how fun it was to watch each student go on a treasure hunt with their dads to find their own picture.

A large, sparkly moon hung above the heads of the fairy princesses and their dads and a star simulator shot stars across the dance floor. “I wanted to give everyone the feeling they were dancing under the stars,” beamed Terry.

The dance floor was jumping with brightly colored dresses and laughter as dads twirled with their beautiful little dates all night.

The best thing about this event is that it doesn’t cost families anything at all. Stunning professional pictures were offered for a minimal price by Rachel Penrod photography to capture the memory for the moms who stayed in the sidelines and behind the scenes for this one night.

Terry even donned a pair of sparkly fairy wings and a miniature wand and gave “fairy kisses” to the girls who attended. Some dads were painted with glitter stars too, as their daughters giggled with delight.

“It was so amazing to watch and interact with the girls. How their eyes lit up. My own daughters haven’t stopped talking about it since the ball. There was truly magic in the air that night. My wish is that I was able to create memories that will last a lifetime to both the daughters and their beloved daddies,” concluded Terry.

She would also like to thank all those who donated, loaned items, or volunteered their time and talents to make the daddy daughter ball successful.

Special thanks go out to: the Whitemyer family and Buzz Graphics for copies of the dance invitations and fairy poster; Rachel Penrod Photography for the beautiful pictures and designing the invites and posters; Greg Terry for the amazing artwork, time and patience; Jacob and Ethan Terry for the awesome D.J. skills; and  Doug Knowles, Cindy Burningham, Becky Lucas, Cami Bauerle, Ashely Mccleary, Courtney Wallin, Tiffany Allen, Erika Lowder, Smiths bakery, Dr. A and office staff, and PTSO presidency.

“Without all your helping hands and many talents, we couldn’t have made such a magical night possible,” thanked Terry.

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