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School board offers MHS principal position to Arizona administrator


The Morgan School Board offered the Morgan High School principal position to Crae J. Wilson, currently a principal at Pima High School in Arizona.

Some 15 candidates applied for the MHS position, including three from within the district.  A group of 12 people—including two faculty members, three parents from the community council, the student body president, Vice Principal Tyrell Mikesell and Administrative Secretary Jana Brown—were part of the hiring committee and narrowed the pool to the nine top candidates, which included the three district employees who originally applied.

School Board President Ken Durrant said the hiring committee was unanimous in their decision to offer the position to Wilson.

“It was head and shoulders unanimous,” Durrant said.  “He had a lot of good qualifications.”

Wilson has served as principal at Pima High since 2013.  He was Gila Preparatory Academy high school’s principal for two years and vice principal for another two years.  He was also president and governing board member of the Gila Educational Group, Inc. for three years.  At the alternative charter school, he worked to stabilize finances, decrease unnecessary spending and use in-house resources to create positive cash flow within months of his appointment.

Other past experience includes serving as band director and curriculum consultant, as well as teaching culinary arts, history, political science, U.S. government, choral music, Spanish, computer technology and science.

Wilson earned a bachelor of academic studies from Western New Mexico University with focus on business, financial management, zoology and Spanish in 2000.  He studied pre-med, science and Spanish at Eastern Arizona College and American history and government at Ashland University in Ohio.  He earned a master’s in education in 2013 from American Public University.  In 2015, he began a doctorate program in organizational leadership at Grand Canyon University.

While he has spent most of his life in the Gila Valley in southeast Arizona, Wilson said Morgan instantly felt like home.

“In recent months our family of seven has felt a strong desire to live closer to family in Northern Utah.  Family is a very important part of our lives, so we have decided to pack up and move to Utah with my parents in tow,” Wilson told The Morgan County News via email.  “My family is originally from Utah and I was actually born in Provo.  We are very excited to be back.

“Throughout the process of looking for a job close to family, I had the opportunity to apply in many different types of schools in many different locations.  I quickly received a couple of offers from schools along the Wasatch Front.  After some family discussion, we decided to turn down the other offers in hopes of obtaining the principal position in Morgan.

“I remember telling my wife just after my first visit to Morgan that I had no more desire to look for other jobs.  I was done and I had found our new home.  I was so impressed with the school, with the community, and with the success that was expressed by so many around the Morgan area.  It just felt like home.  After my committee interview I left hopeful and desired more than ever to join the great staff at Morgan High.”

Wilson said he was “tremendously excited” to get the Morgan High job offer and he has immediate plans.

“First, I hope to meet and get know as many people from the community as I can,” Wilson said.  “Second, I intend to reach out and listen as I gather information about the school and community that will help me serve and support the excellence that is Morgan High School.”

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