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Fairground bleachers get much needed facelift


From truck pulls to demolition derbies, Morgan County Fair and event organizers have worked to fill the stadiums with enthusiastic spectators.  In fact, organizers have done such a good job over the years that many events sell out and they have to turn away would-be patrons.

An event selling out is a good problem to have, but Morgan County employees, Morgan County Lions Club and Holcim have worked together to ensure a better experience for everyone who attends an event at the fairgrounds.

With a great deal of planning and an intense month of long hard work, a new set of bleachers is near completion. The capacity of the bleachers has increased by a whopping 105 percent. The additional 1,500 seats will allow event-goers to concentrate less on finding a seat and more on enjoying the show.

Not only are there more seats, but the views from those seats are much better, as the improvements raised the stadium seats and now the lowest bleacher is 3 feet off of the ground. This will allow great viewing from all levels.

This took the coordinated effort and labor of many to bring this project about.  The frugal group procured a set of barely-used bleachers from the Bear Lake area last fall. The Morgan County road crew took the time to carefully dismantle the bleachers and store them for the winter.  As the snow melted, many hands made lighter work as employees from Holcim joined the public works department to begin the project.

Nearly a dozen men from Holcim worked for a week to get the project going.  In addition to donating the labor for the project, Holcim donated the concrete that was used at the site.  Concrete experts were there to form and pour footings and electricians were on hand to upgrade the power.  Upgraded power will provide the opportunity for enhanced lights and sound.

On April 20, a larger crew of nearly 40 Holcim employees joined forces with members of the Morgan Lions Club and the Morgan County Public Works department. In addition, elected public officials came out to work including county attorney Jann Ferris and Morgan County Planning and Development Director Bill Cobabe, who put in a full day’s work.

The county council supported the project from the very beginning, even before the bleachers were purchased. Morgan County Councilman Robert Kilmer even made the long drive to Garden City, which is just outside of Bear Lake, to inspect the bleachers.

Morgan County Public Works Director Mike Waite was extremely pleased with the public works crew including John Harrison, Shaun Rose, Randy Haslam and Zack Haslam. They contributed greatly to the operation.

Waite was pleased with the outcome of the project and how it all came together.  “It was a huge undertaking and it turned out awesome!”  He feels that this is what community is all about – people coming together.

Event-goers this summer may not be thinking about all of the work that went into the upgraded bleachers, but they will definitely benefit from that labor.  Thank you to all who worked hard for our community!

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