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Walker eliminated in high voter turnout primary


Morgan residents voted mostly by mail, with 1,866 votes being tabulated on primary election night.  Considering the 3,500 ballots County Clerk Auditor Stacy Netz Clark sent out, the voter turnout rate was right at 50 percent, a high percentage considering it was a primary election.  It is even more impressive considering that the Republican primary was a closed one, Clark said.

R. Kraig Walker was eliminated in on the primary ballot in the local school board race. He garnered 12.6 percent with 61 votes, compared to Gaylene Adams with 52.5 percent and Jennie Earl with 35 percent.

Compared to other district and state voters, Morgan pollsters similarly.  Morgan Republicans chose incumbent Gary Herbert for governor with 71. 4 percent of the vote while Morgan Democrats chose Misty K. Snow for U.S. Senate with a 56.5 percent vote.

The deviation, however, is in the State House District 53 race, where Morgan voters favored their hometown man Logan Wilde with a 76.6 percent vote for State House District 53.  While Wilde was ahead by only 64 votes election night, he did not get the majority of the vote in Summit, Daggett, Rich and Duchesne counties.  If he is declared the winner during the official July 12 canvas, it would prove that Morgan’s high voter turn-out rate decided a state election.

Wilde focused on the approximately 8,200 registered Republicans in five counties during his campaign, hoping to get many of them to return ballots in the closed election.  Considering 4,524 voters returned ballots, the turn-out rate in District 53 was over 50 percent.

However, Clark wished it had been a little higher after seeing many ballots returned to her office as undeliverable because the voter had moved and not re-registered.

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