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Utah House of Representatives race ends in victory for Morgan Councilman


After all five counties in District 53 of the Utah House of Representatives completed canvassing, the numbers read Logan Wilde 2,490 to Representative Mel Brown’s 2,482. This means as of July 12, the official winner by an incredibly tight margin is Morgan County rancher and County Councilman Logan Wilde.

The voting has been tight the entire neck-and-neck race with Wilde inching ahead by only eight votes in what was surely a “photo finish.”

Wilde was quick to tip his cowboy hat to fellow rancher and current Representative Mel Brown, who he says ran a “super clean race.” Both candidates showed their small-town colors conducting themselves like true gentlemen, doing both their counties proud.

Wilde responded to The Morgan County News while on the job seated in his tractor.  He said he was just amazed at all the local support. “The support was wonderful. Over 100 signs were placed at people’s homes, over 100 people made personal phone calls to voters, they donated their time and effort. It was appreciated more than they know,” said Wilde.

He continued relating that the only person he could safely single out would be the “world’s biggest cheerleader,” his unstoppable wife, Kim. “I could not have done any of this without her,” gushed Wilde.

Kim said, “My thoughts are going a million miles an hour right about now. I am just so overwhelmed by the love and support that has been given to our family in this crazy endeavor. From signs in yards, to volunteers who made a million phone calls, to all those who stopped me at the store, the library, the park, and yes, even church to wish us well and share their encouragement.”

She continued thanking the “unprecedented numbers” who came out to vote in support of her husband. “I am at a loss for words, and so so so grateful for this amazing community. We could not have done this without Morgan, and I am so thankful.”

Andrea Brooks, who is an active member of the community, stated, “I am very excited to see Logan victorious in the primary election. I know he would be a great asset to our state government and believe he is the best man to represent District 53.

This very close election teaches us all that we do need to get out and vote.  Every vote counts!”

Mountain Green residents Ryan and Diana Windley commented on Wilde’s character, stating that he has maintained a strong moral character while serving in the Morgan County Council and throughout the primary election process. “He is smart, capable and a hard worker…the kind of person we need representing us at the state capitol. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Logan for his success in the Republican primary election,” complimented the Windleys.

According to Utah State code, Brown can request a recount, but Wilde is still confident in the numbers commenting that “with technology these days, it’s pretty hard to get a different number.”

Since 1970, a Morgan resident has not served in either the State House or Senate.  That is almost 50 years too long, Wilde said.

Since 1896, 20 Morgan residents have served on the Utah House of Representatives. From 1896 to 1970, Morgan County continually had a resident serving on the State House of Representatives.  The most recent was Glen Thurston from 1963 to 1970.

The only Morgan resident to serve in the Utah State Senate was Alonzo F. Hopkin, from 1935 to 1962.  Joseph H. Francis served as the state’s secretary of agriculture from 1965 to 1977.

Thanks to the Morgan Historical Society and Linda Smith for providing The Morgan County News with the above list of Morgan residents who have served in state positions over the years.

Wilde will be on the November ballot against Democrat opponent Cole R. Capener, a Park City resident.

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