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4-H students develop leadership skills at youth summit


The second annual Morgan Youth Leadership Summit sponsored and hosted by Morgan County 4-H was held on Aug. 12 at the Boy Scouts Trapper Trails office in Ogden. 

The summit offers an opportunity for club and student body leaders of Morgan High School to work together and develop confidence and leadership skills they will be able to take back to their organizations throughout the school year.

Many clubs took the chance to improve themselves through this event.  The MHS student body officers, sophomore, junior and senior class officers, National Honor Society, FBLA, FCCLA and 4-H Teen Council worked and played together. 

The five-hour event began with two hours on the low COPE course.  This included team building activities such as a trust fall from a platform and teamwork games.  According to Trapper Trails, none of the obstacles can be completed by one person alone, so each team member must evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the others in order to succeed. The low COPE course includes activities such as: trust activities, blind maze, cable traverse, criss-cross, nitor crossing, climbing wall, and initiative games.

After dinner the remaining two hours were spent on the High COPE ropes course.  This intense course had the kids working hard high off the ground with harnesses and helmets.  Working their way through cables, nets and swings high above the ground, the teams had to utilize their communication, trust and team skills they learned on the low course. The activities included zip line, balance beam, burma bridge, confidence pole, giant’s ladder, rappel line, rope climb, sky walk and slack line traverse. The Boy Scout Office led the activities and also debriefed the group after to maximize their full learning potential. 

Verl Johanson, Morgan 4-H Teen Council president, enjoyed the evening.  He particularly enjoyed the trust fall, where the group was able to really work through some trust issues.

A shy girl was nervous to participate.  She worked through her doubts and took the plunge into the waiting arms.  “It was really cool to be part of that,” Johanson explained.  Many of the students were friends before this event and after the course, those friendships were strengthened and new friendships were made.

Most of the clubs took advantage of this amazing opportunity to join the Youth Summit; however, there were several clubs that didn’t participate in this great experience.  An invitation is extended to them to join the group next year and to not miss another chance to develop their leadership.

The student leaders who participated came away from the fun experience with leadership skills they can take back to their organizations. The goal is for the organizations of Morgan High to have top notch leaders who will be more unified. 

A big thank you to all who participated.  You are the leaders of Morgan High and the future leaders of tomorrow. 

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