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Letter to the Editor – Clinton Cash


‘Clinton’ Cash’ is an on-line documentary.  A must see!!

If anyone is thinking of voting for Hillary Clinton, or you have wondered about the Clinton Foundation and what it does, you need to watch ‘Clinton Cash’ first.  This 105 minute, free documentary is available on line.

It shows unbelievable corruption.

It shows shaking, uncontrolled money laundering, illegal activities between Clintons and foreign countries, powerful leaders, companies and money.  Millions and millions of dollars that are traced to Clinton’s and their foundation for favors in return.  Money that never sees it to anyone or place that suppose to have received relief from disasters. 

See it and pass it along.  It is earth shaking. This documentary exposes the underhanded ability to put billions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation.

Darlene Musselman

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