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Morgan chiropractor publishes book encouraging allergy relief through healthy living


Shon and Cindy Goulding recently moved to Morgan, drawn here by the beautiful scenery, clean air and absence of traffic.  Cindy said, “Once we drove through Morgan, we had a sense that we couldn’t live anywhere else.”

Shon was born in Cedar City, Utah, where he attended Southern Utah University and met his wife, Cindy Jensen.  Cindy was born and reared in North Ogden.

The couple relocated to Las Vegas, started their family and later Shon decided to return to college and pursue a chiropractic career.  In 1992, as the Goulding’s were expecting their fifth child, they moved to Davenport, Iowa, so Shon could enter Scott County Community College to finish pre-requisites for Palmer College of Chiropractic.

After receiving his Bachelor of Science and Doctorate of Chiropractic degrees, in 1996 Shon moved the family to Layton, where he has been practicing ever since.

In the years following his graduation, Goulding studied with several influential practitioners.  One of these remarkable medical minds was Devi Nambudripad MD, DC, LAc, PhD. Nambudripad certified Goulding in her allergy treatment technique.

This certification included the following areas: food and environmental allergies; combination allergies and complicated cases; autism, ADD/ADHD, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia; asthma, head and back aches and ear/nose/throat conditions; nutrition, substance abuse and addictions; anxiety, depression, panic attacks and bipolar disorders; and inflammation.

Shon recently published his first book entitled, “Healing You from the Inside Out: The Science and Success of the National Allergy & Injury Clinic.”  Medical guides may sound like a mouthful, but Goulding assures that this is “an easy read.”

The book explains the various types of services provided by the chiropractors at Goulding’s National Allergy & Injury Clinic, located in Layton.  According to Goulding, this book is written to bring hope to those who are suffering from allergies, injuries or many chronic or acute conditions.

The four main treatments described in the book are:  allergy treatment, muscled reactivation, chiropractic and nutrition.  Each type of service has its own chapter to help readers understand how the treatment works and common conditions that warrant treatment, as well as includes testimonials from actual patients and case studies.

Most notably, an appendix contains the report of a Weber State University study conducted at the National Allergy & Injury Clinic.  Goulding was the sole provider of allergy treatments for the children in the study.

To qualify for the study, children had to be severely allergic to peanuts, and at the conclusion of all treatments, every child was able to eat a peanut with no or very minor reactions.

Through his extensive study and care, Goulding has received several prestigious awards including: the Dr. Schroepel Award, for excellence in research in the investigation and evaluation of NAET®; the Eagle Award, for going the second mile for fellow chiropractors; the Bronze Award, for quality achievement and service with the community, patients and the chiropractic profession; and the A+ Achievement Award, for advancement through dedication and commitment in the field of chiropractic.

Accomplishment certainly runs in the Goulding family. Cindy has always had a great love for the performing arts.  Having a rich background in musical theater, she also enjoys composing music. Her contemporary Christian compositions are published in two CDs.

The Gouldings have loved being here in Morgan and say they are thrilled with how welcoming the community has been.

Goulding is willing to share his experience and is available for speaking engagements for work, school, church or other community groups and can be reached at (801) 614-0550 or Drgoulding@naicclinic.com.

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