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Ballantyne goes for his second unopposed race for County Council District 4


Daryl Ballantyne is running unopposed, seeking re-election for a four-year seat representing District 4 on the Morgan County Council.

He will join two other unopposed candidates taking office on the Morgan County Council in January including Robert Kilmer (District 3) and Roland Haslam (at-large).

When Ballantyne originally ran for county council in 2012, it was also an unopposed race.

Ballantyne is a project manager for the Utah Department of Transportation, where he has been employed since 2000.  He has lived in the county for 17 years with his wife, Monika, and has three children.  Ballantyne, 49, has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting with an emphasis in audit. He worked in the payroll office and as a pricing analyst at Smith’s for 13 years before being hired by UDOT.

After serving on the council for the last four years, he said the biggest issue facing the county is economic growth, barriers to that growth, and managing county growth.  To handle those issues, Ballantyne said it is crucial to carry out the county vision. And “help manage the county and the resources in the county including the adoption of the annual budget.”

He signed up for another go at the office after it appeared no one else was going to.  As the county has term limits restricting council members to only two terms (or a total of eight years), this will be Ballantyne’s last term in office.

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