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Blunck lone candidate for District 1


Ronald Blunck is running unopposed for the Morgan County School Board District 1 seat, prepping for another four years on the board.

Come January, Blunck will join two new school board members in District 3 and District 5, who will be replacing long-time board members Ken Durrant and Neil Carrigan.  Gaylene Adams and Jennie Earl are on the ballot for District 3, while Jim Brown and Adam Toone are on the ballot for District 5.

Blunck was originally appointed to the school board in June of 2015 to fill Jody Hipwell’s seat when she moved out of state.  After 15 months on the board, Blunck is now seeking official election to the position.

“I seek this office because I feel a great desire to serve the students and children of our great community.  Having served on the board, I have a grasp of the challenges and difficulties that Morgan School District faces,” said Blunck, 56.  “Also, I am a huge proponent of public education. It is a foundational element of our civilized society.”

Blunck has lived in Mountain Green for 23 years while five of his children went through Morgan County Schools.  He retired after 37 years as a senior officer in the air force.

“I feel that my background as a senior Air Force officer lends itself to the needs of a school board member,” Blunck said.

“Growth is the primary challenge that the district and community is confronted with. We must continue to address the stress that it places on our facilities and educators. I pledge to work to manage the growth pressures in the most cost-effective way possible, but always placing the children of Morgan County first,” Blunck said.  “The primary responsibility of any school board is student achievement.  It is also important to understand that fiscal realities require that this achievement be accomplished within the boundaries of available resources.”

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