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Election results: Wilde first Morganite in almost five decades to serve in House; Adams, Toone win school board seats


Morgan County employees worked tirelessly to make sure every vote was counted on Election Day. Morgan was the last county in the state to complete its Election Night count, officially posting results to the state website at 3:49 a.m. While this wasn’t the county’s first vote-by-mail election, it was the first presidential election to be conducted by mail in Morgan.

Morgan voters resoundedly handed their vote to U.S. presidential candidate Donald J. Trump with 3,156 votes, with Evan McMullin coming in as Morgan’s second choice with 1,184 votes.  Hillary Rodham Clinton made a third-place appearance with 572 votes, followed by Gary Johnson with 140, Darrell L. Castle with 66, Jill Stein with 10, and Rocky Giordani with three.  Monica Moorehead and “Rocky” Roque de la Fuente each got two Morgan County votes, while Alyson Kennedy had one lone Morgan County supporter.

Based on county voting percentages, McMullin’s percentages were highest in Utah County with 29.5 percent, followed by Davis County with 27.5 percent.  Morgan was where McMullin placed the third highest percentages, with just over 23 percent of all Morgan voters casting their presidential votes for him.

In an upset that started with the June Republican primary election, Logan Wilde will be the first Morgan County resident in the Utah House in 46 years.  From 1896 to 1970, Morgan County continually had a resident serving on the State House of Representatives.  The most recent was Glen Thurston from 1963 to 1970.

Wilde will represent Utah House District 53 for the next two years as current Rep. Melvin R. Brown will step down in January after 23 years as a legislator.  House District 53 encompasses five counties including Morgan, Daggett, Duchesne, Rich and Summit.  Based on county voting percentages, Wilde’s percentages were highest in Duchesne with 90 percent of the House vote, followed closely by Morgan with 87 percent.

Wilde’s percentages were lowest in Summit County, where both Brown and Cole R. Capener—the Democratic challenger—reside.  In Summit County, Wilde garnered 54.6 percent of the vote, still a majority.

Wilde resides in Croydon, where he helps oversee a 17,000-acre ranch.  He began serving on the Morgan County Council in 2013 while also serving as a Croydon Pipeline company board member and managing partner of M.R. Wilde and Sons.  He also served on the Morgan Conservation District and the Utah Conservation Commission as a legislative contact.  He was named chairman of the Weber Morgan Health Department earlier this year.

Adam Toone will be the next District 5 representative on the Morgan County School Board for the next four years, barely edging out opponent James A. Brown by 56 votes.  The vote was Toone 508 to Brown 452. Long-time Board Member Neil Carrigan will step down from the District 5 seat in January.

Toone, 36, is a general contractor who has lived in Morgan County for over 30 years.  This will be the first time the father of five has held public office.  He has held several appointed positions within the county including Morgan County Planning Commission from 2009-2013, member of the Morgan County General Plan Update Committee in 2016, Constitution Party county chair, precinct chairman, and county and state delegate.

School board candidate Gaylene Adams topped the vote with 547 vote compared to Jennie Earl’s 328 votes and will go on to replace long-time Board Member Ken Durrant representing District 3 for the next four years.  Adams, 61, is a life-long resident of Morgan County.  She is retired after a 30-year career in education.

It was no surprise that voters put through unopposed Morgan County Council candidates Robert E. Kilmer with 756 votes in District 3; Daryl Ballantyne with 831 votes in District 4; and Roland Haslam with 4,188 votes for the at-large seat.  Unopposed Morgan School Board candidate Ronald Blunk received 894 votes.  Kilmer, Ballantyne, Haslam and Blunk were elected for another four years.

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