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Group implores Mountain Green residents to participate in general plan survey


Because they feel resident participation in general plan updates has been too low, a group of Mountain Green residents is aiming for a comprehensive survey measuring desires and vision for their community. They say the strategy is to go to residents asking for input, not wait for residents to come to them.

If you have not received an E-mail invitation to participate, you can log onto https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/?sm=_2FisMEDZBumsscnuwqtxBww_3D_3D and take the survey.  This on-line survey will be available until Jan. 13, 2017.

The survey seeks to answer the age-old question:  What do Mountain Green residents want their community to look like in 15 or 50 years?  That is a question that the Morgan County Planning Commission and Morgan County Council have been wrestling with for decades.

The present vision is vested in the Morgan County General Plan, a tool that has been developed over the years and regularly updated with input from county residents.  The present general plan can be viewed at http://www.morgan-county.net/Departments/Planning-and-Development/General-Plan.  By law the plan must be updated every 10 years, and an interim update is presently upon us.

It has been a challenge to get comprehensive input from residents during this process in the past.  Primary input comes from area committees, which are established every 10 years for each residential area such as Porterville, Peterson and Mountain Green.

The planning commission is presently doing an interim update via public input meetings (recently finished) and public hearings (near future).  These meetings and hearings are being held for each residential area.  However, only a very small percentage of residents participate and provide input.

A group of Mountain Green residents feels that the update process would be enhanced by a more comprehensive survey of the desires and vision that Mountain Green residents want for their community.  The group has undertaken to conduct a very comprehensive survey of the entire Mountain Green community.

“Comprehensive in that we are aiming for 100 percent of the Mountain Green voting-age population, and comprehensive in the coverage of issues facing growth and development in our community,” said spokesperson John Triplett.  “We hope that this survey will provide a valuable tool for future decisions by our county planners and county council members.

“This is the kind of survey we wish we could do in all our communities, if only we had the resources,” said former County Planner Bill Cobabe.

The survey will be conducted on-line by SurveyMonkey, a professional survey company. “We are very hopeful that everyone will willingly participate,” said Triplett.  “What differentiates our survey is that we are going to the individual members of the community, rather than hoping that they will come to us, and that we are addressing specifically every issue we envision faces the future of our community.”


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