The Christmas season came and went here at Morgan Middle School, where Santa’s elves seemed to be hiding among us. After an extremely successful fundraiser, and a highly entertaining dance, students agree that there wasn’t a dull moment! Everyone seemed to have a smile permanently affixed to their face, (truthfully, some of them were slightly maniacal) as the Christmas season cheered us. December was a month few will forget! In the spirit of Christmas, Morgan Middle school students and staff held a month-long fundraiser for those whose Christmases were looking a little bleak. Each grade was given a goal to raise $1,500 in order to meet the school-wide goal of $4,500. Students were given several incentives, which they could attain after their grade earned a certain amount of money. Several generous student donations were made, but it didn’t look like the school goal was going to be met. Enter Hero: the day before the dance, the parent of one of our students made an incredibly generous donation, which put the school up and over the top of the initial goal. The students and staff of Morgan Middle School are extremely grateful to this anonymous donor, who truly gave a Christmas to several families. As a reward for students’ academic excellence, the Middle School hosted a Christmas Dance, on the last day before Christmas break.  Students arrived at school in best dress, (which for some quite literally meant wearing a dress) excited for the activities they would enjoy in only a few short hours. They enjoyed condensed versions of Christmas games in the few classes that were attended, as the dance and other activities would cut academic time short (which saddened many…). After a movie in the gym, students had lunch, and returned for a special reward.

Several of the teachers had agreed to endure certain…indignities, which really meant that the students would get to pie them in the face. Ahhh middle school, what sweet memories you have given us! Each teacher was given the chance to select the student that would be lathering his or her face in pie cream, most hoping to choose a merciful soul. Many in fact, did not. One particularly exciting selection was made by our P.E. teacher Mr. Barlow, who courageously chose his own son. The students applauded his bravery, as a pie was hurled at his face.

It would seem as though the day couldn’t get any better, but next came the dance. The dj took students on a tour of a very musical past, featuring music from several different decades. (Oh the eighties, how we miss you…but wait, we weren’t born yet) Most were well known classics that had the students dancing and singing along. The slow dances were sweet and fun to watch, as a few students were matched up by teachers (can’t see that going wrong). One couple even chose to do a traditional waltz, earning applause from onlookers. We were able to enjoy at least forty-five minutes of disco lights, before a complication with the weather turned the lights out completely. The middle school experienced a rare power outage, which eventually resulted in an early release. Most didn’t seem to mind, as it provided time to continue conversations with previous dance partners and friends (which included some music-less dancing on a pitch black dance floor). Overall, the month of December was one to remember! There were snowflakes, donuts, blackouts, and even a little bit of spontaneous singing! (which vaguely resembled a scene from “Elf”) Morgan Middle School won’t soon forget the things that happened! We all hope to carry this excitement into the coming months, in a school year that is always “ABOVE THE LINE”!!!!!!!!

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