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Community Appreciation Card comes to coffee shop

Shauna Walker poses with county snowplow driver Mike Waite who came in to GFC for his free quiche and a Greek chicken pita. He wanted to thank everyone in the community who participated in this program.

What started as a simple appreciation post on a local facebook group turned into quite the show of gratitude resulting in community action.  A Utah restaurateur was giving free lunches to the snowplow drivers that were working so hard to keep us all safe, when a Morgan mom shared this story, people came out of the woodwork to help.

Knowing that most of our local restaurants can’t afford to foot the bill all on their own, community members started showing up at Grounds for Coffee (GFC) in Morgan with monetary donations so that we could provide the same service in our town.  Owner, Shauna Walker was overwhelmed with the generosity of the town and decided to begin a new program called the “Community Appreciation Card.”

Residents can come in and donate any amount of money, at any time from $1.00 on up and it will be added to a reloadable card set aside for complimentary meals and drinks for different groups each month.

“Each month we will highlight a certain group or groups from the community. Teachers, snowplow drivers, mail carriers, EMT’s, police officers, bus drivers, crossing guards, etc. Those workers can then visit GFC during their highlighted month and their meals and drinks will be free compliments of our community, as an appreciation for their service,” stated Walker.

This month, the Community Appreciation Card will highlight snowplow drivers and postal workers.

Each month, GFC will announce their “group of the month” on their facebook page and in the store and that group is welcome to come in and get their free meal. Walker also wants to create a sort of board either digitally or in the store with pictures of those who are serving us receiving their meals so that the community can see who their donations are serving.

“I am really excited about this and think it will be a great way to spread positivity throughout our community. Our community is always generous in showing appreciation to those who deserve it. As long as we get donations, we will continue to donate as well. My hope is that the community stays excited about it so we can keep this up all year long,” said Walker proudly.

“The hard-working people who have already received their meals have been beyond appreciative,” assured Walker.

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