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Letter to the Editor – Beehive Broadband


January 23, 2017

Dear Beehive Broadband Customer,

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for being our loyal customer and for welcoming Beehive to your neighborhood.   Beehive has been providing service in Morgan, Mountain Green and the surrounding area for almost two years.  Like you, we are excited about a quality Internet Service Provider in the area that is dedicated to providing great service at an affordable price.  One of the top priorities at Beehive is to provide our customers with FAST and RELIABLE Internet service. 

Recently some of our customers in the Morgan area have experienced intermittent challenges with their connectivity and we have fallen short of our expectations in providing excellent Internet service. For this I sincerely apologize and want to let you know that we are making changes and taking the proper steps to help improve our service.  Thank you for your patience as we work through this process.

A few years ago, Beehive acquired the infrastructure and cable plant in Morgan and later learned that the equipment and materials in the plant had been installed around 10 to 15 years prior.  Much of the equipment was outdated, in need of repair or upgrades, and was negatively effecting the performing of the network. 

Unfortunately Beehive underestimated the status of the existing plant and also underestimated the support needed to provide a satisfactory level of service.  In our first year of adding customers (in Morgan), we received very positive feedback and continued to expand and add new customers.  This past year our Morgan subscriber base more than doubled in size.  Given the age of the existing plant and several other factors, some of our customers started to experience connectivity issues.  The more customers we added, the bigger the problem grew.  As a result some of our customers experienced their service dropping several times throughout a day.   We placed a temporary hold on new customer installs so that we could focus on finding the source of the problems and create a plan to get them resolved.

I am excited to share that we are making changes and that we are starting to see improvements!  We have invested in additional staff to provide better support to you and the network.  We have partnered with additional industry experts to upgrade network electronics and physical plant.  Significant changes, such as these, do not happen overnight.  We ask for your continued patience with us as we work through these upgrades.  Our timeline to complete these major network upgrades is March, 1 2017. 

We expect these upgrades to resolve many of the issues affecting your service.  While we are making significant changes to improve the network, these upgrades will not resolve all issues.  We ask that as we work through this process that you continue to share your feedback with us so that we can ensure that we provide you with reliable Internet service.  When you have feedback, please feel free to contact me personally by email at support@beehive.net.

Thank you for choosing Beehive!  We are committed to making these changes so that we can provide you with a high-level of Internet and customer service. 

Warmest regards,

Scott Wilson

President,Beehive Broadband

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