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New ag expert to aide Morgan County in extension office


Morgan County welcomes Ron Patterson as our new agriculture expert at the Utah State University/Morgan County Extension Office. With years of experience, Patterson will be able to help locals with all questions related to agriculture.  By phone, during the work week, or in person at the Morgan Extension Office on most Wednesdays, Patterson is looking forward to helping everyone with their ag questions.

During his 11 ½ years at the extension office in Carbon County, Patterson has fielded a variety of ag questions.  Some of the most common agriculture questions he has answered were from topics including clarification on soil issues from soil tests, feed quality, irrigation management, weed control, sprayer calibration, livestock nutrition, and other subjects.  Patterson says that Morgan County residents are able to ask “pretty much anything they need. If I don’t know the answer, I will find it.”

Patterson has developed Excel spreadsheets to help with calculations on sprayer calibration, ration formulation, and landscape irrigation efficiencies.  He is a great free resource that residents can use for whatever agricultural questions they may have.  He plans to work with our local dairies and beef producers to develop relevant programming for Morgan County producers.  Patterson has extensive experience in high tunnel vegetable production and can help people interested in using this method.  He is ready to help with whatever our community’s needs are. 

Those interested in learning more from Patterson don’t need to wait to talk to him in person.  Patterson has over 30 educational videos on the USU Extension YouTube channel. The gardening playlist can be found at goo.gl/o0zXB2 (or search Ron Patterson on USU Extension’s YouTube channel).  Other YouTube videos include how to calibrate agricultural sprayers or kill Russian Olive trees.  In fact, check out his video on how to manage zucchini plants, which already has several hundred thousand views!

Patterson received associates degrees in horticulture and accounting at Ricks College, currently BYU-Idaho.  He then received his bachelor’s and then a master’s degree in agriculture education at the University of Idaho. 

Before joining USU Extension, Patterson taught high school agriculture and farm business management at a technical college, worked as a gardener at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple in Idaho Falls, and was a livestock nutritionist and office manager at a feed mill. After gaining experience from these different positions, Patterson joined Extension.

“I love it so much I have stayed,” Patterson said of Extension.  Extension gives Patterson the opportunity to work with a variety of people, whom he refers to as normal everyday people.  He enjoys working with these ordinary-type people who are seeking his knowledge and help. 

Patterson will be splitting his time between Morgan and Weber Counties.  This move with his wife of 35 years brings the empty nesters closer to many of their family members. 

Outside of work Patterson enjoys working with animals and in the garden.  Not one to waste time watching television, Patterson also keeps busy by being in community theater musicals and singing in Barber Shop groups, as well as photography and leatherwork.  He enjoys working with his hands and building things.

Patterson will be in the Morgan Extension office at the courthouse, 48 W. Young Street, on most Wednesdays. He can be contacted by calling the Morgan Office 801-829-3472, the Weber Office 801-399-8208 or by emailing ron.patterson@usu.edu. 

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