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Commercial Street beautification plan sees progress


After a lot of thought, time and extra meetings, the Morgan City Commercial Street project is nearly ready to go out to bid. The project will make significant improvements to the historic street in order to bring back a nostalgic feel that will hopefully attract new businesses and patrons to the area.

Earlier last year, Morgan City Council voted to retain the services of a Utah State University landscape architecture group to assess the needs of Morgan City and its Commercial Street property and business owners in order to devise a beautification plan.

“Bump-outs,” or decorative areas with trees and flowers will come out as far as the parking stalls. This will define the parking area and beautify the streetscape.  The plan also includes a central plaza, which is a concept that the business owners and council alike have embraced at large.

The plaza would be located at the junction of Commercial Street and 125 North. This plaza would slow down traffic on the street and would contain a brick area with benches where guests could relax and visit.

Street lamps will adorn at least one side, if not both sides of the street with arms for either planters or banners announcing upcoming events.

Minor adjustments were made at a January City Council meeting in regard to placement of benches so that the City’s new stage can be set up in the brick area of this plaza. They also made a change to have two lights in this area instead of one in the middle.

Morgan City Economic Director Shayla Hurlbut stated that they also have plans to wire 120V or 240V electric lines to the planter box areas. These could be used to light the trees or allow vendors to plug into the outlets when events are held.

Several councilmembers as well as staff also felt that it would be important to insure that the pre-emptive installation of conduit to the raised areas was “more cost effective” to include now to that so updated wiring can be done later if necessary.  They stated that it was much easier to maintain upgradability if the conduit already existed.

Councilman Mike Kendell suggested that Morgan City assure there are warranties written in on the trees and shrubbery so that the City has a guarantee that quality plants are utilized. He stated that he has seen 2 – 5 year warranties on these types of plants.

Kendell also noted he concern about making sure the right plants are being done in the planters at the intersection to ensure there are no sight limitations.

A final draft will be presented at a later meeting so that the bid process can begin.

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